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TeaCider's Summer Transfer Thread 2022

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Never let it be said that there is no response to popular demand. January long gone and time to start a new source of scurrilous rumours, blatant lies and chances for Denzil to talk about crisps whilst stopping CT from trying to sidetrack things

Have fun ūüôā


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Some people just live to be negative so they can say they told you so if they happen to be right. Everything points to us spending money this summer.  - wilders talk of a rebuild and needing

There seems to be a recurring issue on here of players being judged as not good enough because they've not produced in the premier league. Were not signing players for the premier league, we're signin

This could just be me. But lately I think djiksteel has not only been better than McNair in my opinion. But overall our best player of late, him and tav (barring the Swansea game). Maybe McNair moves

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I was reminded of these the other week, after a Captain Morgan April Fool's joke on Facebook advertising Rum flavour crisps:


They actually weren't that bad, not much rum flavour (thankfully) but salty with an unsweetened cocoa powder dusting.

(We should totally try to sign Gyokores)

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That's more like it, cheers!

Get Gyokeres tapped up now.

He can be the latest in a long line of strikers that starts promisingly and we all grow to resent.

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Gyokeres a done deal in my eyes, just need to focus on his strike partner now

Rhys Healey, Ryan Hardie, Carlton Morris a few names in the hat for me 

Forgot Vydra out of contract in the summer

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Regan Charles-Cook a 25 year old Striker playing for Ross County seems to be doing OK considering he isn't playing for the big two up there and maybe worth a look. He comes from London so returning to England shouldn't be too much of a culture shock. He is only around 5' 7" or 5' 8" so fits the low centre of gravity busy, chasing type rather than a big target man. I doubt he would cost big money so would leave plenty to spend elsewhere and be a low risk replacement for either Balogun or Connolly.

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First time posting, to be honest I'm interested to see how well Riley McGree does at your club.

Having watched him closely in the Aussie league and at Birmingham I really rate him, think that he will end up playing Premier League at some point.

On the recruiting side  I must admit I wish that Boro played 4, 3 ,3 or some other variation, I personally don't like teams playing with  wing backs.

I was going to suggest an Aussie player Marco Tilio who plays mostly as a wide attacker, although  can play as  a 10 as well, really exciting and intelligent player, recently been capped for the senior Aussie squad.

Anyway I'll be watching as many matches as I can, at least the ones on at  a decent time in Sydney.


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Mixed bag so far. Started off well, picked up a frustrating injury and was poor on Saturday. Still early days yet but there's definitely a player in there.

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Eight in, 12 out for me. If we can sign:

2x goalkeepers

1x LWB

1x RWB (or bring back Spence)

1x CB

1x ACM (a new Gaston, to link midfield and the strikers)

2x ST

...while keeping our crown jewels (Tav, Jones, McNair et al), we'll have a squad truly deserving of promotion next season. 

In terms of outgoings, you could put a line through half our squad without missing any of them. My suggestions would be to dispatch Hall, JLS, Lumley, Connolly, Daniels, Taylor, Olusanya, Peltier, Ameobi, Balogun, Coulson and Sporar.

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I'd say we need: 

1x GK - an indisputable first choice who hasn't been dropped by their previous side for errors. Move on Lumley if possible.

1x LWB - whether it's as first choice or back up to Bola, we need to strengthen here. Taylor could be a utility defender if he wanted to stay.

2x CB - I expect Hall and Bamba to be moved on, Peltier to be offered an extension, and we need solid back-up options beyond him. Wood may fill one of those slots, and there's also the risk of losing Fry or McNair to a PL club.

1x CDM - Howson is getting in in the years, I'd offer him an extension but we need a younger option here too.

2-3x ST - None of the loan strikers should be here next season, bar possibly Balogun, and I think whether it's 2 or 3 depends on whether we can sell Ikpeazu and Akpom.



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 Callum O Hare at Coventry, Very impressive every time i've seen him this season. Attacking creative midfielder with plenty assists in his locker,

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    • I'd be surprised if he leaves and if he does leave, he won't be moving far.
    • With social media and internet hyperbole¬†how it is now, I can't imagine a scenario where we don't improve our league position next season, but where the most vocal supporters don't claim its down to the football and results being catastrophic. Patience with managers is a thing of the past, not just at this club. The Championship currently has 20 managers who've been in post for less than 2 years.
    • They also had ¬£102m of debt apparently. When that needs repaying, I don‚Äôt know. They have already received the transfer fee for Chris Wood, by borrowing from the bank, so Newcastle owe the bank the second instalment of ¬£12.5m and not Burnley.¬† Don‚Äôt think they are in dire straits, but they are certainly not rolling in cash. They could sell Pope, Cornet and O‚ÄôNeill, as their major assets, but they will definitely need a lot of new players over the summer. We had better get used to stories linking both us and Burnley to the same players.
    • The cynical me wonders if Howsons improved performances may be due to him trying to get one last deal elsewhere¬†¬†
    • He‚Äôll be starting the majority of games if he did stay in my opinion. Not convinced we would bring anyone¬†in to do a better job than him with our recruitment record.¬†

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