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Season 22/23 Expression of Interest

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As said previously - I am prepared to run the predictions league next year but I am also happy to step aside if someone else would like to do so.  

I thought I would start this thread so that people can express an interest in either a) running the league or b) participating.

The Championship starts again on 30th July so think it would be wise to put an initial deadline of 30 June for people to declare their interest.  

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    • I'd be surprised if he leaves and if he does leave, he won't be moving far.
    • With social media and internet hyperbole how it is now, I can't imagine a scenario where we don't improve our league position next season, but where the most vocal supporters don't claim its down to the football and results being catastrophic. Patience with managers is a thing of the past, not just at this club. The Championship currently has 20 managers who've been in post for less than 2 years.
    • They also had £102m of debt apparently. When that needs repaying, I don’t know. They have already received the transfer fee for Chris Wood, by borrowing from the bank, so Newcastle owe the bank the second instalment of £12.5m and not Burnley.  Don’t think they are in dire straits, but they are certainly not rolling in cash. They could sell Pope, Cornet and O’Neill, as their major assets, but they will definitely need a lot of new players over the summer. We had better get used to stories linking both us and Burnley to the same players.
    • The cynical me wonders if Howsons improved performances may be due to him trying to get one last deal elsewhere  
    • He’ll be starting the majority of games if he did stay in my opinion. Not convinced we would bring anyone in to do a better job than him with our recruitment record. 

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