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This seasons Match Day Threads and Authors table

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Firstly many thanks to all who have contributed and posted to this seasons match day threads and for those authors who ensured that we had plenty to talk about,

Boro have played 51 games this season and we have had in the region of 28700 posts throughout giving an average of 562 posts per game.

This season has been the second best posted since we started doing this and had we had those final 3 games am sure we would have surpassed the 30k total.

As far as the MDT authors are concerned and just for the fun of it here is the final table of those who volunteered their services this season.

SmogDane W5 D2 L1  total points 17

SKTI           W4 D2 L1  total points 14

Weasel       W4 D0 L2  total points 12

DZ             W3 D1 L2   total points 10

BU             W2 D0 L2 total points 6

DS             W2 D0 L2  total points 6

Marvin      W1 D1 L1  total points 4

AngliaRed  W1 D0 L2  total points 3

RiseAgainst W1 D0 L2 total points 3

Smogzilla   W0 D3 L0 total points 3

Erimus74   W0 D1 L0  total points 1

BearSmog W0 D0 L3  total points 0 

Once again very grateful to all of the authors and fantastic effort from all of the forum members in the posts that they have contributed




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5 minutes ago, Humpty said:

Where’s the Preston thread? Has it been archived already? Oweeee

Confined to the Annals of history (or after Saturday maybe that should be Anals?)

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Sorry about that guys but the subject matter changed in the thread more akin to having a new thread or say a Season 21/22 Post Mortem

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