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"Graham Taylor was hard done by"

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Mind you that was shambolic defending from England for that second goal...very reminiscent of Boro at times this season. Also terrible keeping from Shilton...reckon even Lumley could have got to that one. 😁

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Especially during the summer when there's less to chat about other than transfer related stuff.  I don't think it harms the forum to have a few football threads not related to Boro.  And most people o

You are correct. It’s quite nice to have a new interesting thread title to draw us in and make us think.    Sometimes people can be a bit too parochial on here at times. 

He did, which is where the game in Holland comes in I guess, as I'd say a seriously bad refereeing decision cost us big time in that game.  Not only would they have been down to ten men, Koeman scored

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10 hours ago, SmogDane said:

1992 you say .. 

Say no more!

Haha - losing to Denmark should get any manager the sack. 😁


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