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What is the non Boro football thread for if it's not for talking about football that doesn't involve Boro?

There were a few who posted on last nights game so here is an option for other games should folks wish to make comments etc and a few do watch other games from time to time. Your last comment was

4 hours ago, Downsouth said:

Decent result all round already Watford looking to be one of those teams to beat

On last night's performance, West Brom looked the more capable. Watford were essentially non-existent in midfield, they really had no control over the game at all. Basically two players were the difference between them winning or losing that game, the goalkeeper and Sarr who somehow managed to score a sublime goal from 60-yards whilst taking one of the worst penalties I've seen at this level.

Take Sarr out of that team last night and West Brom win quite comfortably, I believe.

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