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Well it looks like everyone needs a distraction from the early bird season tickets announcement 

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What better way than another matchday..

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But at least it's not at home..

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I'm going to keep this thread as short as I imagine my winning streak will be..

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But I'm hoping to be more organised than our defence if I get another chance should we win..

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Big Questions

1 - Score prediction?

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2 - Lineup?

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3 - Will you be watching?

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4 - Meh..

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This is a lie.  There was no needs must on Saturday.  Sorry but this is the nonsense I was on about the other day.  

Give your head a shake. There's no money coming out of the club and into anyone's pockets.

When we get them fit, mcgree, azaz and Jones are as good a 3 behind the striker as you'll get for a team that doesn't have parachute payments.  Hackney on form is as good as you get too.  Fr

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I think the lineup will see one change, one of Barlaser or O'Brien for McGree. Putting Hackney back into the centre of the midfield, Azaz into #10, then obviously McGree left, Forss right and Greenwood up top.


What I'd like to see is a second switch and Greenwood out for Silvera. I don't think Greenwood is bringing enough to warrant a start at the moment and I thought Silvera looked bright. It would be

Silvera - Azaz - McGree



But even then I think Carrick would probably play Silvera up front as he just doesn't seem to fancy Forss there. 

Not that Glover has done much wrong but I hope Dieng is back soon too. I personally just have more confidence in him. 

Score could be anything with Boro. But I'll day 2-1 win with Forss and McGree scoring ours. 

I'll be watching it, for my sins 


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I think Carrick will make significant changes both in personnel and tactics. He knows he needs to start getting results otherwise his credibility as a Manager will start to suffer along with belief in his preferred style of playing. It's alright having principles so long as you are prepared to go down with them as Vincent Kompany seems willing to do. 

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It should be:


Ayling Fry VDB Thomas

Howson Hackney 

Greenwood Azaz McGree



I'd be fine with O'Brien over Howson, and I wouldn't mind Engel starting but I think we brought in Thomas for a reason.

I think Forss and Greenwood will swap places compared to what I want.

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4 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

I'd probably select Silvera ahead of Greenwood on the right in that team of yours mate.

Yeah, I wouldn't be against it.

Silvera is our player and has offered as much as Greenwood this season.

Probably got to start considering for next season, and I'm not sure Greenwood is somebody I'd take up the purchase option on.

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5 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

I'm assuming that McGree will randomly be back in with one of the central midfielders dropping out.  Maybe Thomas gets a start as well.

Think McGree has to start, perhaps if he picks up a hernia in training he might get a game. Howson will be back in alongside Hackney, O'Brien is living off former glories, it's clear he isn't up to speed yet and failing to influence games positively. Barlaser has become the focus for the boo brigade even when he plays some great balls through for our ambling Midfield come Striking contingent to lumber onto and pass into oblivion so will be benched.

Personally think MC needs to go with three at the back (pick any three from Fry, VDB, Clarke, Engel, McNair). I'd push the RB and LB forward a little to offer some attacking threat but with instructions not to concede and for that I'd go with Dijksteel and Thomas, giving Ayling a rest for the opening 50 minutes or so until Dijksteel hobbles off.

The remaining two probably pick themselves which means we will likely see Azaz dropped for McGree, Greenwood running and chasing aimlessly and our best and most clinical Striker playing as a Right Winger again because to do otherwise would be a real admission of screwing things up. 

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I can definately see him putting out a more common sense team that we will probably be mostly happy with. Saturdays game seemed to have a similar feel to the sheff wed game and I think it should deliver a similar wake up call, no more experiments and *** around.

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Thomas should start given he ineligible v Leicester so chance to Rest Engel

I would go with:


Ayling Fry VDB Thomas

Hackney O’Brien

Forss Azaz McGree


* I think it will be the above team but likely to be Howson for O’Brien. And Maybe MC sticks with Glover in goal.

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Im in the minority here, but I hope Glover keeps his place, think he's suprised us with his contributions since standing in for Dieng, kept us in the game on saturday, unless there is a verbal agreement that Glover is aware of that Dieng will always start if/when fit 

Rather see Hackney play in right position & McGree start

Preston was mine & my younger brothers first Boro away game when our dad took us to Deep for a second division fixture on the 11th November 1972 which Boro won 1-0 with a goal from Mr Middlesbrough 

Also Michael Carricks first game as our manager, Boro talking an early lead only to lose 2-1 to a late Preston goal



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  • Downsouth changed the title to Preston v Boro 2-1 (Azaz)

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