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McDonald and Emnes

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I love some of these posts I really do.Do you really think these players clubs are going to let their strikers go for a song?You're having a Steffi Graf!!Adomah blows hot & cold like Lita.Can be a good player on his day & is having a nice run at present.The Chelsea boy that The Swans just signed looks a very good player.Either that or go into the lower leagues.Thats what Norwich do,& they aint done too bad.I still say get Adam LeFondre.Can always put Lee Miller in part exchange.

As for Emnes,I, like the jury, am still out on him.If you get a decent offer for him,take it!!!

MaccyD is the best quality forward we have at the moment,but its no good sticking him up front on his own.He lives on feed offs.

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I don't no whether Adomah blows hot and cold each week 'cause I dont watch Bristol City week in week out but I've seen Adomah play up here and he looks athletic, he's very fast, he's has the greatest number of assists at Bristol City into double figures and he chips in with some goals. Seen some highlights of him on the championship and he can skip round players like their not there. He also has height at 6ft 1ins something else we could do with.


Obviously we have to sell before we can buy though!


OK I admit that Graham and Maynard might be a bit far fetched but i've seen more suprising things happen!

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Well, its early days for both of them...Emnes because he hasn't played that much and McDonald because he's been stuck in midfield or out wide most of the time.


We can only wait and see how they do over our remaining games, if TM decides to play them regularly.


Another clue to their effectiveness might be if our midfield or even the likes of Taylor start scoring more regularly. As Holgate said though, Skippy may have to go anyway, due to his wages. Won't mind too much, as long as we can bring in a decent replacement.

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the worry for me about getting rid of boyd wasnt mcdonald lita and emnes it was if we lost one of them(and that didnt take long) we dont have a forward on the bench so if we are chasing the game we are buggered.

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    • John Ruddy been officially let go by Wolves it seems, I wouldn't be totally against him signing. Was always a Good Championship level keeper for both Wolves and Norwich. I read something regarding George Friend a few pages back the other day and I would be totally all for it, would add some great leadership and the fans would surely be right behind him still and as a left sided centre back I think he could do a real job for us even if just as a back up option. Also heard the Rhodes rumors and I personally believe he is a perfect Wilder Striker, such a hard worker and a great finisher. Which leads me to my final former Boro player, Ben Gibson. I again would love to see him return and think he could flourish in the left sided centre back role for Wilder's system. I do think the best options for those outside centre back roles are more suited to a full back converted/secondary centre back but at Sheff United Wilder didn't always have that option and was still greatly successful. If Fry was to leave Gibson would be great in the middle of the 3 of course.  
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