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Brad Jones joins Derby

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Mowbray doesnt want to waste any money now that we are very close to being safe.


Livermore has gone to Leeds on loan.


Vokes and Pancheo have gone to Norwich.


Cardiff are after Marlon King .


all go today for some clubs.

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I doubt Norwich will be paying anything towards his wages either. Would of been decent for us to get him in with Lita out and all that. Also if he liked it here and we like him it could of set us up nicely for a season long loan or something next season.

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Funny. Liverpool did us a massive favour it seems! Woy has made some mistakes there, which is a shame really because i did rate him as a manager. And i still do. But clearly he wasn't ready to manage a big team.


As for us making any loan signings - i would be very happy if when the loan window closes we haven't made any additions. We don't need to. Bar a dramatic demise we are safe from relegation. We are short of funds and any that can be saved now can be possibly put to better use next season. And it's a good chance for us to see what some of our fringe / young players have to offer if with 5 or so games to go we have secured survival.

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the only free loans you get are unproven youngsters. I reckon the thinking behind it is why go for an unproven youngster who will be back to his own club in a coupla months when we have a tonne of unproven youngsters of our own waiting to get a chance!

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yeh agree about there not being any point getting youngsters in but surely there must be a couple of more experienced players who havent got in their clubs 25 man squad and their clubs would rather they were playing (think davies). I don't know if there are any, just wondering...

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    • John Ruddy been officially let go by Wolves it seems, I wouldn't be totally against him signing. Was always a Good Championship level keeper for both Wolves and Norwich. I read something regarding George Friend a few pages back the other day and I would be totally all for it, would add some great leadership and the fans would surely be right behind him still and as a left sided centre back I think he could do a real job for us even if just as a back up option. Also heard the Rhodes rumors and I personally believe he is a perfect Wilder Striker, such a hard worker and a great finisher. Which leads me to my final former Boro player, Ben Gibson. I again would love to see him return and think he could flourish in the left sided centre back role for Wilder's system. I do think the best options for those outside centre back roles are more suited to a full back converted/secondary centre back but at Sheff United Wilder didn't always have that option and was still greatly successful. If Fry was to leave Gibson would be great in the middle of the 3 of course.  
    • Very strange move, but apparently it's a three-year contract and for good money. He'll finish is career mid-table in the Championship.
    • Nothing mate. Just a hunch feeling. 
    • Heard something more or just speculating?

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