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Turnbull Joins Chelsea

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Boro goal-keeper Ross Turnbull has joined Chelsea on a free transfer.


Turnbull, 24, joins Chelsea FC on a four-year deal after rejecting a contract extension at Middlesbrough FC.


Turnbull will be looking to make an impression at Chelsea, with Petr Cech and Hilario ahead of him in the first team.

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Guest geoff11

it annoys me the way we just give players way ok he came through the academy but it cost to train him at the end of the day.

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Guest malaboo

excuse me but he should never have been allowed to leave in the 1st place,,,,he is much better than jones who lets face it is an exact copy of schwaarzer....jones only started 2 make an effort wen he realised his only competition was an actual goalkeeper.

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Guest boro_mad

Turnbull did have a few good games for us, but is he going to become anonther Cattermole? In a few years time we might be kicking our selves about not keeping him at the club, like what most fans seem to be doing about Cattermole at wigan.

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