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Guest BoroLAD

Jesus wept why are they speaking Gealic, such a pointless language. Just speak English you stupid jocks

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not sure if its just because i'm in scotland but bbc alba is channel 8 on freeview

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Guest SniperSmog

is their any radio links i can listen to?

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    • Even with no rumours today, I still back Warnock to bring in players he would actually use for his style and system. I’ve just watched (I know late to the party) Sunderland til I die season 2 and their January window episode.   Firstly, It amazes me how the chairman splurged money on Will Grigg when he could have used that extra money to get Maja to stay. But secondly, and more boro related was that the manager at the time Jack Ross didn’t really fancy Will Grigg, but the chairman bought him anyway. Surprise surprise, Will Grigg struggled and didn’t fit in to how they play.    How does this relate to Boro? Well I think in the past, we have bought players who don’t fit a style and system for a manager. I think Warnock won’t sanction players to come if they don’t fit in, and this is obviously a huge positive moving forward.    Put it this way, I’m more confident that players will come to us for Warnock and work for him as opposed to a Boro under Woodgate. You can already tell the mentality of moving on quickly and not begging for players had an impact.    Why did Woodgate start Gestede vs Swansea, knowing that Gestede wouldn’t want to play in case he got injured. Warnock commands respect and Woodgate was seeking it. Big difference in mentality that I think gets overlooked with Woodgate and the recruitment side. 
    • Warnock's deadline for players to decide has nearly passed.
    • All pritty quiet today, other than the wingy debate, hopefully in prep for an influx of new signings
    • That was actually scrapped in Denmark as it’s impossible for the stewards to tell if people live together. Just too hard to handle 
    • August 3rd 1974 Boro 0 Carlisle United 1 A dull and disappointing Texaco Cup game between two teams who were both contemplating life in the First Division after being promoted together a few weeks earlier. In fact they'd meet twice in the top flight in the next fortnight or so. Boro became frustrated after several early saves by Carlisle keeper Alan Ross and too often resorted to long balls that the visitors' tall defenders dealt with comfortably.  It was former Boro favourite Hugh McIlmoyle who created the only goal, setting up Martin to fire home after 50 minutes. All in all a bad day at the office for Boro, with Jack Charlton saying after the game that he'd seen his team work harder in practice matches. In the news - The Tories criticised Labour's manifesto pledge to follow a policy of nationalisation ahead of the forthcoming election, housewives were warned (in a possibly sexist way) that eggs could cost £1.50 a dozen by 1975, Richard Nixon prepared to give a TV address as impeachment loomed in the Watergate affair and three north east lads were arrested in Spain for singing loudly at 2am and fined £1 each (equivalent to 8 eggs, or a decent Spanish omelette). Top of the charts - Rock Your Baby by George McCrae.
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