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Their is a fascinating article about the Boro in today’s Athletic... Nine championship games in 29 days.  Following a team in their maddest run ever.    Neil Warnock was on the pit

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I probably shouldn’t have made things public, but I was at as very low ebb. It’s been a difficult year, not made better by COVID. Lockdown bucket lists aren’t

Here's an even better question but it's quite a long one.  Why did we sign Bamford and Gestede for a manager that didn't want them at the time, then 6 months later, appoint a different manager wh

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Think they are nailed on to stay up now that they have fewer injuries...  Ol Gravel Voice might be a walking sphincter but he gets the best out of his players (except against City). wouldn't be surprised if current bottom 3 went down, but if anyone else gets dragged in, most likely Brighton or Barcodes

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2 hours ago, Hewie said:

Rudy gestede injured after 9 minutes in what I think is his first start for Melbourne victory. Looks like a hammy


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19 minutes ago, Uwe said:

C’mon Cheltenham. Hold on just 15 mins more. 


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22 minutes ago, DurhamRed said:

So unlucky Cheltenham the 2nd City goal was Offside with Var 

Debateable, Cheltenham goal might well have been ruled out with VAR also, swings and roundabouts. Good game though. 

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    • Sorry, it wasn't an automatic increase to his salary, it was an automatic extension on his same salary.  
    • Hi, sorry I've been busy with work the past few days. Probably easier if Marvin throws something together. Sorry about that!
    • We've signed decent players, sure. But whens the last time we signed a player, got something out of them and they went on to play at a higher level due to his time with us? I'm really struggling to think of any since we've been relegated. Which is pretty damning in itself
    • In fairness and on reflection, we have actually signed some good players in recent times . I think the problem is either getting the best out of them OR playing these players in positions and systems which don’t fit them so that they under perform. I’ve said it before but I really really hope that who ever we sign actually fits into 2 formations that we are aiming to play. If we sign Jordan Rhodes and play him up front again I’ll flip 🤣 and it will show we haven’t learnt from our mistakes. 
    • It was inclusive of the end of his Boro career, surrounding the contract situation which stopped Pulis from starting him, even bringing him on in the first half on occasion. He said something along the lines of having a gentleman's agreement for a new contract that led him to waiving the automatic increase to his salary so he could play again... then the new contract never came. This is the podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/stewart-downing-experience-we-chat-about-ups-downs/id1484297592?i=1000503117188

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