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On 2/21/2021 at 2:03 PM, TeaCider24 said:

They'll be expecting promotion, we were expecting lower mid table and he couldn't deliver that.

There's far more expectation on him now.

I really can't understand the Boro fans saying they hope he does really well, makes absolutely no sense if you're a Boro fan to want the team we're chasing to do well.

I think its okay to want Woody to do well...just not as well as us. 😉

Maybe he'll surprise us all and keep Bournemouth in the play-offs (or maybe the players will, in spite of his "best efforts").


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On 2/22/2021 at 3:29 PM, Brunners said:

Speaking to Bournemouth fans on reddit they're already noticing some JW specials. Apparently they played a 3-6-1 formation last game. Weird team sheets and substitutions are popping up already.

Oh boy...this should be good...

Jon Stewart Popcorn GIF

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35 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

People would be raging if John Stones and Jesse Lingard were in the Euros squad at the start of the season, but on current form they're both fully deserving of it.

Stones absolutely.

Lingard... I think any other year you could make a case for him but with Sancho, grealish, maddison, Barnes, saka, Bellingham, sterling, rashford, Antonio, harrison and mount all performing at a high level all season, there's no space for him.

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Just now, RiseAgainst said:

Sad news. Always seemed like a decent bloke.

Yes sad indeed. I don’t think he would have been relatively old either. RIP

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2 minutes ago, Aphex_Boro said:

Deceiving angle. Was well in.

Agree with this. It looked out initially but when they showed it a few times the whole of the ball was not over the whole of the line at any point 

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Nevermind, I've watched the video footage rather than just accepting screenshots on twitter.

I'm wrong here.

Not sure where they've got that screenshot from. 

Edited by TeaCider24
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