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Their is a fascinating article about the Boro in today’s Athletic... Nine championship games in 29 days.  Following a team in their maddest run ever.    Neil Warnock was on the pit

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I probably shouldn’t have made things public, but I was at as very low ebb. It’s been a difficult year, not made better by COVID. Lockdown bucket lists aren’t

Here's an even better question but it's quite a long one.  Why did we sign Bamford and Gestede for a manager that didn't want them at the time, then 6 months later, appoint a different manager wh

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Just having a look at the top leagues and their winners, I've looked at the winners since 1990/1991 season (30 seasons I believe).

La Liga has had 5 different winners. Barca and Madrid have 25 titles between them.

Serie A has had 6 different winners. Juventus and the two Milan's have 27 titles between them.

Ligue 1 has had 10 different winners. PSG have won 8 and Lyon 7. 

Bundesliga has had 6 different winners. Munich with 18 titles.

Premier League (First Division) has had 8 different winners. United with 13 of them.

Scottish Premier has had only 2 different winners in that time. 😂


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7 minutes ago, Rioch's Braves said:

Crikey West Brom are stuffing Chelsea 4-2 surely Big Sam can't pull another great escape can he.

I don't think so, though I'd love to see it.

7 points adrift of 17th with 8 games to play, 11 adrift of 18th.

The failure to beat Fulham and Sheffield United has probably cost them.

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You love to see it.

Two dominant clubs in their respective leagues on track to lose their grip on the title, as long as Lille hold their nerve.

Add to that Rangers and hopefully Atletico Madrid.

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2 minutes ago, Old Codger said:

Kiss of death TC

Conceding two quick goals 🤦‍♂️

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Ffs Fulham are going to deny us geordie derby's 😔. Bruce will get a new contract though if they stay up that will really *** their fans off 😂

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Astonishing 5 nil victory for Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff.Barry Bannon was clearly MOTM but Adam Reach outstanding also scoring twice. If Wednesday get relagated,we could a lot worse than resigning him.Looks to have really developed his game and would be a geat addition to the squad. Que the obligatory 'Whats the obsession with our ex  players'!

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    • I don't really equate that Schick goal as being a 'screamer' from distance, though. Same with the Beckham goal from the half-way line. If I'm remembering correctly, Charlie Adam and Xabi Alonso scored similar ones, those goals took skill for sure but I just wouldn't put them in the same 'long-range screamer' category of those where the keeper was actually in a position to try to save the shot. Like those where the player spots the keeper off their line and give it a go and the keeper just tips it over. The first thing that comes to mind to me is what the hell was he doing so far off his line to begin with. Might make a Herculean effort to sprint back and adjust his body to tip it over but was often their own fault for having to do that at all!
    • We paid nearly 3mil on akpom last summer and we were more hamstrung with wages then, so I'm not sure it can be ruled out 
    • Denmark's 86 song ...  Frank Arnesen singing a verse ... He could actually sing ... Great video 👍❤️ https://youtu.be/17N1SglCiRU
    • just because we get one doesn't mean we can't get the other ...    Smith only fills one hole
    • no, we're not paying 1.2m for Smith.

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