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Their is a fascinating article about the Boro in today’s Athletic... Nine championship games in 29 days.  Following a team in their maddest run ever.    Neil Warnock was on the pit

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I probably shouldn’t have made things public, but I was at as very low ebb. It’s been a difficult year, not made better by COVID. Lockdown bucket lists aren’t

Here's an even better question but it's quite a long one.  Why did we sign Bamford and Gestede for a manager that didn't want them at the time, then 6 months later, appoint a different manager wh

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So it's actually confirmed the threats better be carried through the 6 English clubs joining can't be allowed in domestic completions. They are getting like roughly 500 million each for a exclusive competion no one else can join 

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The last thing we need is the rich clubs getting richer and a bigger gulf emerging in football. Hope it's a flop. 

Completely meaningless competition if no other teams can get into it either. 

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17 minutes ago, Blanco said:


Well that'll be the final straw, the other teams are gonna have to come back with their tails between their legs now that the might bray won't get involved!

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All coming out at a time when these 'big 6' can't even concrete their position within the upper echelons of domestic competition. Spurs can't even win the title in its current format, never mind being thrown in amongst other elite sides every week. AC Milan have only just come back into the picture after the better part of a decade of being Serie A fodder, too. Barcelona are on the verge of bankruptcy so their motivations are desperate.

I do think that FIFA essentially saying they won't recognise players involved, to the point they may lose their right to represent their countries, is a killer for this. Players at the highest level take representing their country seriously. Imagine Harry Kane, Harry Maguire, Raheem Sterling, all being told their England career is over unless they take a huge salary sacrifice to rejoin our domestic division. It could be even worse as the Prem money will go too, clubs like West Ham and Leicester will have to cut their cloth the way we have to in the Championship as broadcasting money will be significantly reduced.

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The clubs in question are mostly owned by billionaires and VC firms who have seen their profits hit by the pandemic. I keep hearing Real Madrid are effectively bankrupt. To people like the Glazers, football clubs exist solely as a money-making machine, but the machine's been jammed over for a year, so it's time to invent a new machine.

Fans be damned. Pundits be damned. Regulators be damned. Politicians be damned. History be damned. Competition be damned. The Premier League was never going to be enough for these scumbags. Nor was the Champions League. Even the nauseating ESL won't be enough in a decade's time when the billionaires realise they can squeeze more subscription money from Saudi audiences than British ones and Tottenham get expelled to make room for Al Hilal.

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10 hours ago, Neverbefore said:

Will be interesting to see if the action threatened earlier today will be taken. West ham or Leicester could end up winning the league this season

PSG could finally win the Champions League too if the other 3 semi finalists all get kicked out this year!

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This whole idea and the reaction to it is laughable. We've got fans and pundits saying the game is finished/ its all about money/ its totally unfair. When has this not been the case for the last 20 years? 

The game had gone well before this idea, we already had the rich clubs getting richer and teams on the fringes of the top flight having no chance of ever competing again. 

How can you call the Premier league a fair competition when Burnley and Fulham have to compete with the financial might of Man City? Its like having the hundred metres race in the Olympics with someone starting at the 50m mark. 

The likes of Gary Neville, Carragher and Lineker are up in arms over it but they were happy to see their clubs win titles funded by billionaires and they are happy working for BT and Sky who have been absolutely rinsing the fans for years. It makes me laugh.

This will never happen because if these so called big clubs are banned from domestic competitions then their fans will walk on masse. But if this does fall through then what? We go back to the Premier league where Pep can spend another billion on players over the next decade to keep City on top. If you don't have a billionaire owner any aspiration of ever competing has gone. What's the point? 

Under the current system clubs like us simply exist, what's the best we can hope for now? A handful of seasons in the topflight getting pummeled every season? What's the point? 


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Mourinho sacked. Seen it coming at the end of the season but surprised he's gone now.

Maybe he said something? Anyone know if he has come out against the super League before?

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8 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

6 days before a final. Surely you don't sack a manager in that kind of situation unless something mad has happened

The rumour going around is Mourinho had a row with Levy and refused to take training.

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    • its going to be a long 90minutes for scotland i suspect. they have a mountain to climb and face a team who are basically prefect side to exploit their gapping weaknesses. it'll be a comfortable win for england. we just have to much for them i think.  i'm normally englands biggest critic but even i cant see this one going any other way than a win for us.
    • I'd rather have a Bakewell Tart in charge of the team than Kevin Blackwell. (No, that's not a euphemism, before I get accused of anything)
    • Given the scraps he had to work with, Isak did very well. He was desperately unlucky not to score - I think Uri Geller must have been at work, the way the ball went everywhere but into the net. Would love to see more of Isak - he might even do well in a Neil Warnock team...
    • I think this will be a battering. The Scots have to attack as they need to get a win after ruining their own chances on Monday. They look wide open at the back and I reckon England's pacey counterattack will cut them to bits.
    • Stop watching and whinging?

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