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Just now, Brunners said:

The rumour going around is Mourinho had a row with Levy and refused to take training.

This is like when professor Snape turned out to be a good guy

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17 hours ago, Changing Times said:

This isn't the end game mate.  The end game is a global franchise league, run along the same lines as the NFL over in the States.  This would just be the first part of it, whether all of the clubs involved realise it or not.  So you'd have a team in Tokyo, one or two in China probably Shanghai & Beijing, one or two in India, Delhi and Mumbai let's say.  Bangkok gets a team, Dubai gets one, Seoul gets one, and there will be two in America - New York and Los Angeles.  South and Central America get a few teams - Sau Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Africa gets one or possibly two to begin with, Cairo in the north definitely being one of them, perhaps Lagos if the Nigerian economy continues to develop.  In Europe we get a few, Moscow, London, Milan, Munich, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.  Maybe Manchester gets a team because of their backers but only one team.  That's 23/24 teams already.  Saudi wants a team so Riyadh has one.  Indonesia has a big population so Jakarta gets a franchise.  Then the Chinese government agree to pay an extra billion a year for their TV rights so they can have a third franchise, Qatar and Azerbaijan want teams and are willing to pay for them so there's one each.  A team in Australia would neatly put one in just about every part of the world.  Of course being franchises, the teams can be moved elsewhere just as long as the new location is willing to guarantee increased income for the league as a whole.  The Yanks are getting involved in the financing of it all, and various people are getting involved in buying major football clubs, in part to position themselves with their foot in the door now.  A European only league would be peanuts compared to a global competition though.

Damn - thats what I call "big picture" thinking. Fancy a job on the Boro board? 😉

The scary thing is it does sound entirely plausible. A World Soccer Superleague...like the Champions League on a hefty dose of steroids, with all the glitz and glamour of the NFL or cricket T20 competitions. Possibly even half time shows by the trendiest pop acts.

Makes me want to 🤮🤮🤮


Call me an old fogey but I'm in the camp that believes history is what makes sports teams. Its about the highs and lows, achievements and setbacks, the memories of fans, rivalries with other teams etc.

Of course its also very much about the here and now, but reputations and status are built on history. The very thing that makes TV companies splash billions on broadcasting rights.


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3 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

This is like when professor Snape turned out to be a good guy

Doesn't seem like players/managers were consulted so I wonder if we see any other managers walk / get fired over this.

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5 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Doesn't seem like players/managers were consulted so I wonder if we see any other managers walk / get fired over this.

Klopp has to. He came out 2 years ago and said he doesn't want it. Will be framed as a hypocrite if he doesn't

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4 minutes ago, Brunners said:


Hope the lawyers bleed the 'big six' dry while representing them. And then lose in court, before also losing every subsequent appeal. That'd teach them, eh?

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3 hours ago, boro-unger said:

Also, Boro's invite must have got lost in the post... 

We were the first team they wrote down...but everyone else objected because they knew we'd walk the league. 🤪

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2 hours ago, wilsoncgp said:

All coming out at a time when these 'big 6' can't even concrete their position within the upper echelons of domestic competition. Spurs can't even win the title in its current format, never mind being thrown in amongst other elite sides every week. AC Milan have only just come back into the picture after the better part of a decade of being Serie A fodder, too. Barcelona are on the verge of bankruptcy so their motivations are desperate.

I do think that FIFA essentially saying they won't recognise players involved, to the point they may lose their right to represent their countries, is a killer for this. Players at the highest level take representing their country seriously. Imagine Harry Kane, Harry Maguire, Raheem Sterling, all being told their England career is over unless they take a huge salary sacrifice to rejoin our domestic division. It could be even worse as the Prem money will go too, clubs like West Ham and Leicester will have to cut their cloth the way we have to in the Championship as broadcasting money will be significantly reduced.

I SO hope this happens.

While I do realise the financial consequences of the "big 6" leaving the PL...including the reduced flow down to the lower leagues, a large part of me is actually quite excited by the prospect.

I love a bit of chaos when the established order is shaken up, (or in this case Jenga'ed).

I feel sorry for the fans, getting screwed over by the owners, when both the PL and supporters' trusts have made clear their objections to the Super League. I guess this is just another reason to be careful what you wish for when you lament the fact your club hasn't been bought by some foreign billionaire or overseas consortium.


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3 minutes ago, Brunners said:

Lots more interesting tweets about this actually:




According to source, some of those involved in ESL call traditional supporters of clubs “legacy fans” while they are focused instead on the “fans of the future” who want superstar names.

This right here shows the utter greed and total lack of respect and consideration for the very people who helped make their clubs what they are today.

Utterly abhorrent. God this is making me so angry...



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19 minutes ago, Brunners said:


Think this is possibly the first time I'll ever have rooted for FIFA. I hope they tell 'em to stick their petitions where the sun doesn't shine.

In any case, as a world governing body, surely its within their remit to re-write rules of entry for competitions sanctioned by them?


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