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Their is a fascinating article about the Boro in today’s Athletic... Nine championship games in 29 days.  Following a team in their maddest run ever.    Neil Warnock was on the pit

Centuries ago Villages had ducking stools whereby if the person drowned they were innocent and if they lived they were guilty and sentenced to death. Nowadays not much has changed sadly. Idiots postin

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I probably shouldn’t have made things public, but I was at as very low ebb. It’s been a difficult year, not made better by COVID. Lockdown bucket lists aren’t

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11 minutes ago, Old Codger said:

I suppose it is, though I still think anything that gives the minnows a chance of a bit of the cash has to be good, especially in the current situation...  the lads from Skibbereen did well too  

They sure did. We don‚Äôt get too many gold medals at the Olympic Games so nice when we do ūüĎć

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16 hours ago, Blanco said:

They sure did. We don‚Äôt get too many gold medals at the Olympic Games so nice when we do ūüĎć

Especially when they are from Cork!!

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13 minutes ago, Leesider said:

Especially when they are from Cork!!

Claiming the medals for the People‚Äôs Republic ūüôĄ


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League football starts again tomorrowūüĎź

Scottish Premiership kicks off at 1:30pm with Rangers v Livingston.

The League Cup fixtures start with Bournemouth v Milton Keynes at 3pm too.

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Currently at Ashton Gate. Watching Brizzel v Villa. First impressions is all the players look massive compared to ours ūüė≥

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I know they’re playing better opposition but Bristol look as disjointed and scrappy as us. 

so there‚Äôs that I suppose ūüėä

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    • Thanks for this I do have an interest in Railways and I guess I was a bit of an anorak in my youthūü§™
    • as far as I know, it is still "under consideration"..¬† which usually means nobody wants to invest the money required ..¬† would certainly help even if only open on match days, but I¬†fear it will go the way of the wind turbine and unless people start to kick up a fuss, the Transporter ..¬†¬†
    • Sorry my bad meant Middlehaven, so has the old Cargo Fleet Station opened now?
    • 01/12/1900¬†- 1st¬†fixture between both clubs, ¬†Boro¬†2 Blackpool 0¬† Biggest win 9-2 as mentioned below¬† Hattricks & more in one game v Blackpool¬† 10th¬†December 1938, Wilf Mannion bagged 4 goals at home to Blackpool in the 9-2 thrashing, one more than Micky Fenton Wilf became the 9th¬†different Boro player to score 4 goals in one 1st¬†team game & the 17th¬†in total 7th¬†September 1925 - James McCelland scored all 3 in a 3-2 win at Bloomfield park, in a 2nd¬†division fixture, it was James 1st¬†Boro HT our 5th¬†away HT & 39TH¬†in total James became the 16th¬†different Boro player to score a 1st¬†team HT 10TH¬†December 1938 - Micky Fenton scored 3 when the mighty Boro thrashed Blackpool 9-2 at Ayresome Park in 1st¬†division fixture,¬†it was¬†Micky Fenton‚Äôs 5th¬†Boro HT,¬†¬†our¬†49th¬†home¬†HT &¬†65TH¬†in total Micky¬†became the¬†23rd¬†different Boro player to score a 1st¬†team HT 25th¬†November 1950 - Alex McCrae scored 3 goals in a 4-3 home win, ¬†it was¬†Alex‚Äôs 3rd¬†Boro HT our¬†62nd¬†home¬†HT &¬†80TH¬†in total Alex¬†became the¬†29th¬†different Boro player to score a 1st¬†team HT 15th¬†November 1986 - Bernie Slaven was the 1st¬†Boro player to score a HT after coming out of voluntarily liquidation & the 1st¬†FAC HT v Blackpool It was¬†Bernies¬†1st¬†Boro HT our¬†85th¬†home¬†HT &¬†118TH¬†in total Bernie¬†became the¬†44th¬†different Boro player to score a 1st¬†team HT It was also our 15th¬†FAC hattrick, of which 11 were at home¬† ¬† Record of¬†Boro v Blackpool¬† Won¬†22 Drew¬†¬†7 Lost¬†5 Goals scored ‚Äst74 Goals against - ¬†40 ¬† Did you know:-¬† 1973-74 - Blackpool were one of 2 teams we failed to beat in our ¬†2nd¬†division championship & the only team we failed to score past that season¬† One of the 1986 legends Gary Parkinson, between 1986-1993 played 243 games for the Boro, scoring 7 goals, in 2001 for one season he signed for Blackpool, his last league club, where he played 24 games One of the 4 famous Carr bothers who played for the mighty Boro John, played 449 ¬†goals scoring 81 goals signed for Blackpool in 1930, playing 14 games, scoring 2 goals Micky Burns who John Neal signed in 1978 started out for Blackpool but didn‚Äôt play a 1st¬†game for them¬† ¬†
    • It's an abandoned proposal from the early 2010s, sadly.

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