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8 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

It's not as stern a punishment as it should be, but I think it's because the EFL have struggled to indisputably pin charges down on them.

That and Derby have successfully contested a lot of what they were charged with.

9 points is a hell of a lot better than the fine they were initially getting, even though it should be guaranteed relegation in a just world.

It’s also the elf trying to draw it to a conclusion. This could easily run another 12 months with different appeals. 

the process needs looking at because it could be argued Derby shouldn’t even be in the division.

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1 hour ago, northern boro said:

Chris Hughton has been "relieved of his duties" at Nottingham Forest after 6 defeats in 7 games

Thats unfortunate. I guess Forest were just the wrong club at the wrong time for him. I'm sure he'll get other opportunities. 

Be interesting to see if things improve under new management.


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1 hour ago, Old Codger said:

can't see any quality managers wanting to take the risk of tarnishing their reputations, so what's the feeling on his successor..  foreign, unknown or one of the "usual suspects"? 

I was looking at the comments section under the BBC article and most of them seem to blame the board and/or the players, rather than Hughton. They reckon he's a decent manager who wasn't backed by the board and the squad he had to work with wasn't Championship standard.


1 hour ago, wilsoncgp said:

Alex Neil was at the game chatting with Kieran Scott by the looks of the pic someone snapped. So either he's being lined up for the Forest job or... 😬

Hmm...interesting. Well there's a (tenuous) Norwich connection. Scott joined the Canaries a couple of months before Neil left to manage Preston.

Alex did okay at Norwich, though like Farke, he couldn't keep them in the PL at the first time of asking. Guess he'd be an upgrade on Warnock, but his track record doesn't suggest he's the guy to lead Boro into a glorious new era.

Could also be good for Forest - provided the board back him in the transfer market.


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5 minutes ago, BoroJake said:


So is that another 12pts to be deducted from them? 

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1 minute ago, Smogzilla said:

I assume so aye. Think 12 points automatically taken off for administration?


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4 minutes ago, Smogzilla said:

I assume so aye. Think 12 points automatically taken off for administration?

Yeah admin gets an automatic deduction.  They can still face the other points deductions as well.

I don't see it as being brilliant though.  The people who lose out aren't the ones who screwed things up in the first place.  They never are.

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