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So journalists speculation as in Daily Mail umpteen manager short lists. Everyone has opinions and advise but in reality, no one knows but it gets people thinking one knows more then them and news sells, earns a pay check and keeps one relevant and in the lime light. It’s a bit like NW team sheets really.  

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Their is a fascinating article about the Boro in today’s Athletic... Nine championship games in 29 days.  Following a team in their maddest run ever.    Neil Warnock was on the pit

Centuries ago Villages had ducking stools whereby if the person drowned they were innocent and if they lived they were guilty and sentenced to death. Nowadays not much has changed sadly. Idiots postin

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3 hours ago, Blanco said:

What a difference a dot makes 🤣

Yeh it was my mate who sent me the text about  Solkjaer's 75 mill pay out ,I  think my reaction was CLUCKING BELL, thought he must have been on Christiano's wages, that dot has made a difference the poor bugger. 

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6 hours ago, AnglianRed said:
19 hours ago, Borodane said:

I so badly hope they panic and hire Pulis. 

I'm sure even Crown Prince Whatsisface knows better than that. 😂

I know they have a different view on what is acceptable human rights wise. But even they wouldn’t inflict that on their people 🤮

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50 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

Sunderland being beaten 5-1 by Rotherham eased the pain of an otherwise bad day of football.

Hopefully the start of the classic Lee Johnson losing run.


I suppose looking at it that way, we did better than Newcastle, Hartlepool, Spennymoor and Scarborough.. 

First time I have been envious of Marske 

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