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lol I agree Nb4 but in contrast think of J.m in a boro shirt its kinda equal Im glad my source was reliable. Im still told first option if he were to be sold is an option but Im too low standing to compete with v.b afterall v.b is a oneboro legend when infoo is concerned

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Their is a fascinating article about the Boro in today’s Athletic... Nine championship games in 29 days.  Following a team in their maddest run ever.    Neil Warnock was on the pit

Centuries ago Villages had ducking stools whereby if the person drowned they were innocent and if they lived they were guilty and sentenced to death. Nowadays not much has changed sadly. Idiots postin

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I probably shouldn’t have made things public, but I was at as very low ebb. It’s been a difficult year, not made better by COVID. Lockdown bucket lists aren’t

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Well, that was satisfying to watch! Even though I had a both teams to score bet on, its great to see Utd get beat under any circumstances! I knew they were in trouble from the starting lineup and it turned out to be true.

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Nani was woeful, Rooney and Evra not far behind. Kagawa and Cleverly did well, everyone else was average.


Funny to think that ***nal are a point better off after RVPs debut :P I would LOVE IT if they finished ahead of Utd this season

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Tonnes of possession just seemed half a yard off the pace and the final ball if it arrived was terrible for the most case. Everton created the better chances with Fellaini involved in everything - physically he was unplayable.

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Anyone watching the Chelsea game? 2-1 down at home to Reading! I love seeing these giant killings early in the season. Though Chelsea do look very dangerous, would help if they had a competent striker up front!

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    • Indeed and boy the Americans love a franchise, perhaps this one will move Derby back to the States!
    • What! that time already? Talk about wishing your life away!🤪
    • For me, we need to appoint a manager with some sort of track record that has a style and philosophy that fits the brief set by Gibson and given to Scott. A newbie would be a huge risk as there is no evidence to back up management style, newbies could be anything. Yes, they can work out, successful managers have to start somewhere, but more fail than make it. A newbie with pulling power like Bryan Robson would attract players on reputation, but without tactical nous and man management skills it can unravel quickly.  Scott will likely be the big influencer for Gibson. His vision needs to fit into recruitment strategy, but also retention,  taking account of the squad we currently have. As said above, while the jigsaw analogy is a fair one, getting the balance right is no easy task. Too experienced a coach and they can be set in their ways, tried and trusted styles that have been successful only work if the players at the club can adapt quickly. I would like to see someone who is early in their management career, with a decent grounding as a manager at a lower level, improved the team or teams he has been at, has drive and ambition to get to the top, but not someone who sees Boro as a mere stepping stone, someone who wants to hang around and be a part of any future success. Someone who has good man management skills and a vision that mirrors that of the clubs forward strategy. As for names, I really don’t have any, I will leave that to Scott and Gibson and place my trust that they get things right between them at the first time of asking.   
    • Or as someone who allegedly loved his particularly young fresh Oats so much he was actually named after them once said "I am just going outside and may be some time." 
    • Maybe what's happened is the Ameobi Experiment.  We signed him and then tried to make him invisible to opposition players.  Something went wrong with the experiment however, and whilst to anyone looking on we did indeed make him disappear, he is not actually invisible, but has in fact travelled through time to the year 1984.  Or, he has a dicky knee.  Could be either 🤷‍♂️

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