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U17's vs. Manchester United (A) 8th Sept - Small Report (friendly)

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(please excuse any mistakes, i dont watch the U16s that often and names to faces isnt my greatest ability!)


At the same time the U18s were playing so was an U17 side.


This featured six 1st year scholars and five U16 players. I didn’t manage to see much of the first half but did get to see a lot of the second half. It was 1-1 at half time, Middlesbrough’s Scott McCarthy had scored the goal.


The second half started with goal keeper and first year scholar Joe Fryer being called into action, he saved superbly low down to his right within seconds of the kick off to deny United the lead. Minutes later he was beaten though but the ball rebounded off the bar and away to safety.


Boro were playing a very fluid passing game across the midfield with young U16 Callum Cooke looking very promising. He was involved in a Boro attack that nearly ended with a goal. A good one-two with Australian Stephen O’Neill saw space open up wide left and Cooke played the ball into McCarthy’s path. The striker though hit the post low down with the ball going out of play.


Boro were beginning to ‘turn the screw’ so to speak, moving well through midfield and pressuring United into mistakes. O’Neill and Cooke again teamed up with the young U16 Cooke finding space on the left he chipped the ball over the goal keeper and the ball looked to cross the line as it hit the underside of the bar and landed over the line. 1st year scholar Luke Armstrong made sure smashing the ball into the net and Boro were 2-1 up.


GOAL BORO – Cooke 2-1


The Boro defence despite its age (3 of the players were U16s) were doing a good job, young defenders Dael Fry and Matthew Elsdson were solid when the ball was in the air and left back Nathan McGinely (sp?) looked composed.


Boro Sub – Cooke off, Wheatley on


Boro extended their lead after great build up work by McCarthy down the Boro left, he went to the goal line and as he cut back in was caught late, and he managed to stay on his feet but lost a boot! He remained composed enough to pull the ball back to Junior Mondal who tapped in from 2 yards to the delight of his team mates.

GOAL BORO – Mondal 3-1


Boro Sub – Mondal off Jowers on.


FULL TIME – Manchester United 1 Middlesbrough 3.


Boro: Joe Fryer, Robbie Tinkler, Matty Elsdon, Dael Fry, Nathan McGinely, Jono Coleby, Stephen O’Neill, Callum Cooke (Joe Wheatley), Junior Mondal (Jordan Jowers), Scott McCarthy, Luke Armstrong



I’ve often had chance to turn about at Boro U18 home games and take in a few moments of U16 games. I’m restricted by the club and the FA in mentioning scores. So tend not to pay overly much attention. But to me it’s clear to see that the next age group coming through have some very talented players. They also look a close group, and all celebrated their team mate’s goals. Cooke looked exceptional in midfield and linked well with O’Neill. The other U16 players looked every bit as talented. Fry, Elsdon, McGinley, Wheatley, Mondal. Jowers who came on as a sub has been prolific this season with 5 in 3 before this game.


Definatly some talent coming through the system to keep an eye out for.


Have to say the U18s who played looked good also. Tinkler has played at U21 level for Middlesbrough in pre-season. McCarthy looks strong, Armstrong quick. O'Neill composed and agile on the ball and Coleby commanding in the middle of the park. Joe Fryer like the other Boro keepers before him looked a very talented indicdual as well and will learn well from playing against big sides like United.

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I'm glad it was you watching them and not me I'd have not had a clue who was on the field in this game

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haha i knew the 1st years by sight, and a couple of the U16s i knew...well one...and that was by his race.


The fantastic parents on the sideline let me know who was who and a few bits and bobs putting names i know to faces ive not seen.

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