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U18's vs. Crystal Palace (H) Sat 3rd Nov - Match Report

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Middlesbrough played host to Crystal Palace on a cold November morning at Rockliffe, the temperature gauge on the car read 3.5 degrees....Brrrrrrr


Straight away one thing was obvious, Palace had some VERY big players. Goal keeper Tom King and defender Ryan Innes were both head and shoulders above all the Boro side.


Both sides had an early chance to open the scoring. Palace struck the outside of the post from a free kick after Allassani was brought down. At the other end Jordan Jones put in Jimmy Warnett who scuffed his shot when 1 on 1 with Tom King.


Luke Coddington in the Middlesbrough goal had to get down low to his left to save from Elijah Gabsi who was a thrown in the Middlesbrough side all afternoon. Another Palace free kick was well taken by Coddington and it was Palace who were making dictating the tempo.


Palace took the lead when an in-swinging corner was headed goal ward by Ryan Innes, the Palace right back looked to get contact on it just before it crossed the line and claimed the goal.


GOAL – Crystal Palace 0-1


The visitors doubled their lead quickly after opening it, Weledji’s defensive header went high and the defender went after it to head clear. The ball fell to Connor Drymond who lobbed the ball into the space vacated by Weledji and Derek Tieku took the ball on the volley with the outside of his right foot and the ball curled into the top corner.


GOAL – Crystal Palace 0-2


Middlesbrough had a good chance to get back into the game when a Jordan Jones strike was too hot for Tom King to handle, he parried the ball out and McCarthy came in, but knocked it high under pressure from the recovering Palace keeper.


McCarthy nearly carved out a good opportunity for himself, running onto a through ball and out muscling Luke Cross to burst into the box, Ryan Innes miss timed his attempt to tackle but it put McCarthy off just enough for King to grab the ball.


Allassani’s trickery in the Boro half won another free kick just outside of the Boro box, Sullay Kaikai stepped up and curled it superbly into the corner of the goal.


GOAL – Crystal Palace 0-3


Middlesbrough U21 team manager Jamie Clapham was in attendance mingling in with the small pitch side crowd, and no doubt won’t have been overly impressed with what was on view as Middlesbrough went 4-0 down. The ball fell nicely in the Boro box for Palace captain Drymond to nudge it around Tinkler before firing across Coddington and into the net.


GOAL – Crystal Palace 0-4


Half Time Middlesbrough 0 Crystal Palace 4


Boro Sub – McGlade off, Coleby on.


Boro brought on Jonathan Coleby to strengthen the middle of the pitch up, and in a way it worked. Palace in the second half were not as dominant and Boro had more time on the ball but the damage was already done.


Palace extended their lead from the penalty spot when Jake Grey (I think) was brought down after cutting inside then out. Allassani stepped up and slammed the ball into the corner sending Coddington the wrong way.


GOAL – Crystal Palace 0-5


Boro Sub – McCarthy off, S. O’Neill on


Jordan Jones cut in well from the right to find Coleby who’s snap shot was is blocked, Jones now at right midfield was gibing Jerome Williams a tough afternoon, cutting inside and outside but Boro struggled without a real cutting edge in the box, they came close when Jones put through Warnett (Before Williams crudely stopped the Boro captains run) who struck the ball low but Tom King saved well.


Allassani again won another free kick on the edge of the box (the 4th of the day) and centre back Luke Croll stepped up and struck the ball sweetly with his left only to see it rebound off the post and away from danger.


Boro Sub – Warnett off, Armstrong on.


Full Time – Middlesbrough 0 Crystal Palace 5


Boro: Coddington, Tinkler, Kitching, Griffiths, Weledji, McNab, Morris, Jones ©, McCarthy (S. O’neill), Warnett (Armstrong), McGlade (Coleby.)

Unused: Bland (gk), Garrity.



Boro struggled with the pace up front of Allassani, the trickery of Gabsi in midfield, and the power of Innes at the back. A disappointing performance where the home side struggled to keep possession of the ball. Wolves at home next week.

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Guest The Modfather

Great report as per usual, makes me feel like I was actually at the game. Team seems to be struggling for results at the moment (if thats what they are looking for), makes the FA Youth Cup game away to Fulham look a daunting affair :(::s

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Yeah it does, i tweeted rather disturbing fact earlier, Boro at this moment in time are the only U18 Prem Academy league sude without a win.


Its not that bad though as its only from 7 games or something daft like that.


They could lose every game for all i care as long as 1 player per year makes it through at Boro and a good % of others go on to have professional football careers

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So powlay. Are the u18s weak at the moment or are there other reasons for us not winning , younger players, only half the team are strong etc or is it just a bad yr (didnt mean that to sound awfull)

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Im gonna come off the fence qand probably regret this.


They are both technically poorer and weaker physically then years gone by. It happens when you get groups in year after year, some are better than others. But the first years who have come through this year dont have that edge about them that other years have. They dont have many really physical players who get a 50/50 and you know will win it. (Tinkler is one of those players who will go in and win)


I also think 1 striker doesnt help them. The ball comes back so quickly. Warnett is a wider player who likes to cut in, so drifts leaving a lone striker 20 yards away from anyone else.


Some of the players will bulk up over time but they can be physically bossed by teams and when that happens its often goodnight game over.

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