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Palace v boro U21s

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Just got back from the game at crawley so heres a quick report -dont expect anything powlay esc


Missed the first goal as i got there a couple of minutes late

First 15 mins we passed the ball around really well short sharp passes and only one team init Then we started going longer and our game fell to pieces a bit allowing palace into it .

Fairly even for the rest of the half

Second half palace had had a team talk from holloway and it worked a great save from ripley was follwed up by palace and in of the post , palace went into the lead a few minutes later and were haveing a good spell with a couple of zaha a likes causing a few problems ,

We made a few subs bringing on edwards and jones. Jones really lifted us and everytime he touched the ball the pace of the game increased ,

Last 20 mins we really went for them and there keeper pulled off a good few saves our second goal was a good free kick curled into the bottom corner and with a couple of minutes left a left wing free kick was curled in and a glancing header brought edwards second .


In summary. When we passed it short we looked fantastic but for the half hour we went long we looked ordinary with kneeshaw struggling to fight for high balls with a 6ft4in centre back or tryirng to chase balls smacked over the top. But in the end a fair result and very impressed with burgess and jones


Final score palace 2. Boro 3


Edit third goal was burgess. I thought it was but everyone said it wasnt so i went with the flow

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Guest 2012 boro ledge

seemed good what i read on websites good attacks made seemed unlucky not to score more

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yes edwards with the free kick , i can understand why powlay has problems . the third goal i saw burgess head it in and his family/friends were jumping round like loons , then every report i see says edwards got it so i think i must be wrong !!!!!!!


ps great free kick over the nearside of the wall perfectly into the bottom corner

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    • Don't be impressed then, just be happy with a 7-0 win like I said. In the past 18 months England have made it to the World Cup semi finals and the Nations League finals.  That's better than a lot of good teams including - Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Germany, Italy and plenty of others.  We lost to Croatia after extra time in a game we probably should have won by half time and Holland after extra time in a game that we could have won but obviously didn't.  To get to the Nations League finals we had to beat both Spain and Croatia and to get to the World Cup semi finals we had to beat both Colombia and Sweden, who are both decent sides.  I think we're a better team now than we were in the World Cup as well.  We lost to Belgium in the group stage and then again the third place play off but we changed the team for both of those games, rightly or wrongly.  So whilst we did lose the games, we also didn't give either of them our best shot. Against the mighty Kosovo we won 5-3, my memory is fine.  Winning and scoring 5 goals sounds pretty good to me.  The mighty Kosovo have lost twice this year - to us and 2-1 against Czech Republic.  They've also beaten the Czech Republic and drawn with Denmark so they aren't a terrible side by any means. France have won a few trophies over the past few decades.  They've also been a better team than us over the last few decades as have Spain so that seems fair enough to me. Our much lauded attacking line up has done fine unless we don't count putting 3 past Spain and beating Croatia?  During the world cup we weren't playing like this so it's really only post the world cup that we've had the opportunity to see it in action and so far it's done pretty well.  When it gets tested against better teams next year we'll see how it goes then of course. We've put 3 past Spain, 5 past Czech Republic, 6 and 4 past Bulgaria, 5 and 7 past Montenegro and 5 past Kosovo in the last year or so.  I'm not sure it's fair to call them all minnows and if you look around there aren't many teams doing that with the same regularity.  Montenegro the other night weren't a pub side, we are the only team who have stuffed them over the past 3 or 4 years and that includes games against Denmark, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey and Serbia.  We're a much better side than them but they aren't hopeless and have been competitive against decent sides other than us. I don't see the relevance between a video game on the easiest setting and England.  We're not playing San Marino, Andorra etc, the teams we are playing are better than that, and as I pointed out above, we've done ok even in competitive games against good opposition.
    • Cardiff appoint ex Miillwall boss Neil Harris as their new manager. 
    • Ayala was identified by Mowbray and the loan signing went through at the time of his sacking, he definitely wasn't a Venus signing. Karanka was in charge when we signed him permanently but he had nothing to do with us identifying Ayala initially. 
    • Sorry @Erimus74. Did not see your post. I dont think any are out of contract in jan but following 6 are out of contract come the summer.  Shotton, Ayala, Friend, Howson Johnson, Rudy. Suggestion is Clayton could be 7th one also out of contract but we might have an option to extend his. That option lies with us and not Clayton apparently.
    • Totally agree @wilsoncgp. I am also at a loss to explain reason why but i am also not too bothered why other clubs are not going for him because given his stats for last few season and fact he has 6 months left on his contract means the financial risk attached with him could not be lower. He already has 9 goals and 6 assists from midfield this season meaning he almost averaging a goal/assist every game. And as @DanFromDownSouth said. He is exactly the type of player our team currently lacks imo.
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