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The Ashes Series Thread

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What a ball from Jimmy terrific wicket pendulum swings the other way now and I feel there wil be more wickets before close of play

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    • Stoj Spence Fry Makoudi Coulson                 Howson          McNair       Saville                   Roberts            Britt           Fletch   Got to be our strongest team until the end of the season. We need to win games so we have no other option but to attack.  
    • Warnock is right, the final ball into the box was awful and some of the looped crosses were just pathetic. How does he fix that in 3 days?   
    • Warnock went all out to hurt Hull down the wings. Watch the highlights of the Brum game - they changed to a wide formation and killed them. Read the Hull forums and you'll see they play a narrow 433 and have  been hurt badly from crosses and set pieces all seasons. Not Warnocks fault. Bad crosses, bad passes, bad decisions from players cost us today.
    • He was poor today but he is our joint second top scorer this season.  He might never be more than what he is, which is a lad who made a big leap from non league to the Championship, but he's hardly been the biggest let down this season.  In most other circumstances, he'd be a squad player behind the vastly experienced and highly paid midfielders we have on our books.  But as they've been hit and miss, he's probably had more game time than we'd have expected him to get.  Although he's not young, I suppose in terms of experience he is, and young/inexperienced players need good coaching, which they almost certainly haven't been getting here, either because they had a manager who perhaps didn't seem to favour them (Pulis) or a manager who wasn't good (Woodgate).
    • I know we are not managers, but what would you of done differently?  The post match interview Warnock repeatedly talked about how bad the final balls were especially in the 2nd half, so you have to ask why didn't he change it?
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