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I've decided to make a thread for all things related to Boro that aren't new thread worthy, but don't have anywhere else to go. So if there's anything mildly interesting or humorous, this is where it can live :D

Things like this

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Great quote from Kevin Blackwell in the Athletic today 🤣🤣🤣

It's my birthday today, meant to be my 30th but I've refused to allow that in current circumstances of not being able to celebrate it. I usually get my age on the back of one of my shirts so I re

https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-obvious-choice-manage-18614026.amp?__twitter_impression=true "Gibson is a hands-on owner and Bausor is a hands-on chief exe

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You must have been mortal Humpty to say that to Gavin!


I said something similar to Josh Walker in Embrace in Sheffield, he was on loan at Rotherham. I told him that Strachan didn't know his head from his *** letting him leave on loan... He bought me a drink...a K2 for £1.50...cheers Josh, I'm sure you could have at least pushed out for a VK!

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Just to repeat, i had an all you drink band on ;)


Whilst standing next to Stewy Downing at the urinals, i told him i liked his salmon coloured v neck jumper.


(I didn't look at his willy)

Had a dance off with Robbie Elliot in the Sea nightclub Newcastle once.


(Not strictly 'Other Boro stuff' but i thought it was apt)

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Isn't haroun of morrocan descendant so hes probably smoked shish pipes since age 3

My top 3 boro happenings


1. Frank Quedrue hitting on my mother in kudos now (Aruba) in Redcar.


2. High five with George boeteng in a strip club in Southampton called (for your eyes only)


3. A beer with mark schwarzer at Gatwick

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    • Rooney has come out recently and basically said exactly that. "we need to sign some players or we can't even field a team for the first game"
    • So, with less than two weeks until their opening Championship fixture, Derby County have made 0 signings, have no senior CBs on a deal with the club, have had no more news about their proposed takeover, have a senior squad of about 12 players, are under a transfer embargo and are still waiting to submit 3 accounts to the EFL. If they don't get relegated this season I will be absolutely STUNNED.  
    • We stupidly sold Bamford to a rival so who knows we may get lucky and they do the same. Mind you they still have a Premiership quality squad whereas at the time we had a shower of the brown stuff so probably says more about the state of planning and thinking of Boro.
    • was reading the opinion of a couple of fulham fans on reddit yesterday, and they were both in agreement that as far as wingers go, Kebano is actually arguably one of their best options.
    • I don’t think we could complain if they only offered around 1 million. 2 million or more and we’d be doing them over royally. Fingers crossed! 

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