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2 hours ago, Changing Times said:

Yeah it's 100% true mate, we lost to Coventry because a couple of the lads didn't have their breakfast.  Did you read through the article?  No questions popped into your head about it all?  Here's a couple that came to my mind:

"Well, some lads eat at night, then they don't come down for the snacks, they don't want to get up for breakfast, so they don't eat from 6pm to midday the next day.  So you are going to be a bit weak. They have got to look into it a bit more professionally and I think that is what they have done now, since I found out all these little habits"

Why did it only effect them for the Coventry game when Warnock suggests it's something that happens regularly?

"I thought there was something wrong. I knew before the game one of them wasn't right, looking into his eyes. I know that sounds daft but...And I knew straight away within the first ten minutes that the other two were not on their game."

Why didn't you substitute them in that case, Neil?  You knew straight away within the first 10 mins that three players weren't on their game, and you did absolutely nothing about it?  We didn't make a sub until after an hour of play, and if the three players who went off (Ikpeazu, Hernandez, Jones) are the ones we are talking about here, then what's the excuse for some of the other performances like Dijksteel for example?  Not to mention that Ikpeazu is subbed every game?

I have to admit that the bottom of the article tickled me mind.  All the squad is lacking is a long throw merchant and some players who can score from set pieces.  And apparently, he didn't play as much football at his previous clubs as we play here 😀 We are Warnock's footballing side! 🤣

Absolutely off his head but fair play to you Neil 👍

I would put money that he didn't actually substitute two of the players that were disappointing him at all, because personally I can't see a world in which two of them weren't Tav and Dijksteel.

In fact post game I'm sure he even name dropped Dijksteel at the time by saying something to the effect of "one of them is Dijksteel, and he's my favourite!"

2 hours ago, Uwe said:

If true that’s the most Micky mouse attitude from some players. Professional athletes at all levels in all sports know the importance of eating properly.  If some players have been skipping meals just so they can stay in bed longer I’m absolutely flabbergasted. 

Now CT has a point and you do have to take everything NW says like this with a huge grain of salt, but I do wonder if he's talking about Tav again here. We've had NW's previous story (excuse?) of Tav doesn't taking warming up seriously, so this doesn't seem like a huge leap.

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Superb article from The Athletic published today... Gives you a real sense that something special is being built. We've been crying out for this for so long.   Michael Walker 2h ago  2 

It is emotional blackmail and the situation has been clearly fabricated, if you look at the handwriting its obvious that Wayne Rooney wrote that letter. 

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12 hours ago, nunthorpered said:

The Breakfast Club Dilemma

NW. Right which of you lot skipped ye fricken brekkie 

Boro midfield



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17 hours ago, Changing Times said:

Lol, biggest load of *** ever.  I think Warnock is trying for some sort of excuse record 🙂


Anyone who knows anything about professional sport knows that nutrition and eating the right food at the right time can make all the difference in performance.

If this is true, it doesn't reflect well on some of our players. They're not good enough that they can afford to sleep in, miss meals or just do their own thing.

Think Warnock is doing the right thing to try and instil a proper routine, that will hopefully ensure they are not short of energy on matchdays.

If nothing else, it will be one less thing he (and they) can blame for poor showings in future.


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14 hours ago, RiseAgainst said:

Christ, that's insane. Professional footballers skipping meals because they CBA to get up? Can this really be true? If so, they're clearly not particularly committed to their profession, or to the club. Any fule kno you need slow-release energy throughout the day, especially if you're an "elite" sportsman.

Also interesting that Warnock can tell if someone's had brekky by looking into their eyes. Wonder what else he could tell if he looked at other parts of their anatomy?

Maybe the journo had trouble with Warnock's accent and misheard "eyes" as something else? 😁

On a more serious note, you can tell if someone is focused and up for it by looking in their eyes...or by just looking at their behaviour in general. If they're tired, distracted or whatever, it is usually obvious.

Though whether its because they skipped breakfast is another matter...

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8 minutes ago, SouthernSmoggie said:

Apparently we have the lowest home xGA (expected goals against) in the league despite conceding 7... surprised by that! 

2 were own goals, which I'm sure won't be counted as expected goals, and the 2 other goals against QPR should never have went in, the Blackburn goal was an outside the box screamer that probably wasn't counted as expected either.


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9 hours ago, TeaCider24 said:

2 were own goals, which I'm sure won't be counted as expected goals, and the 2 other goals against QPR should never have went in, the Blackburn goal was an outside the box screamer that probably wasn't counted as expected either.


True. As crap as we've been for large parts of the season, I'm still annoyed we didn't win that Blackburn game.

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