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Great quote from Kevin Blackwell in the Athletic today 🤣🤣🤣

It's my birthday today, meant to be my 30th but I've refused to allow that in current circumstances of not being able to celebrate it. I usually get my age on the back of one of my shirts so I re

https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-obvious-choice-manage-18614026.amp?__twitter_impression=true "Gibson is a hands-on owner and Bausor is a hands-on chief exe

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TP on Boro's training camp in the Alps



You saw on the first morning after everybody had finished when Dimi and Daz (Randolph) came through as the last group, everyone was on the hill waiting for them and clapping them through," he added.


It’s about character building and that spirit. They were a bit quiet at breakfast that first morning, and they found it difficult, but they enjoyed it.



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I noticed on his Instagram everyone calls him flinty so it’s not a pulis thing


i know a lad with the surname flint. hes 40 odd, everyone has always called him flinty.


Keith Flint of The Prodigy is known as Flinty. He also shares a birthday with me :)

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I can live with flinty. I remember Rio Ferdinand calling Wayne Rooney ‘Wozzer’ one time and I cringed a bit.

But my favourite nickname is that of James McClean which is simply “***c**t” #truestory :D

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Neil Maddison has taken up a new position with Boro’s Academy as Academy Ambassador and Player Welfare Manager


Based at our Rockliffe Park training ground, a primary part of Neil’s role will see him act as a liaison for Boro’s Academy youngsters who are spending time away from the club, be that on loan or on international duty.


He will also act as an ambassador to the Academy, helping to form relationships with partner clubs within the area and assisting in the recruitment of grassroots players.


Academy Manager Craig Liddle - who played alongside Neil at Boro and Darlington, with both later involved in the coaching set-up at The Quakers - said: “We’re delighted to welcome Neil to the Middlesbrough FC Academy.


“His experiences, both as a former professional and as a coach working with youngsters, will be of huge benefit to our Academy players in important stages of their development.”



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    • Can’t see Akpom being in the squad. 
    • Its hard to know fully what the consequences of something like that would be. The Premier league product without the big 6 would not be as desirable to TV companies especially overseas, there's no doubt about that.  Obviously then the income of every other club would drop and big name players would move on.  Commercially it would probably be a bad idea but wouldn't it be great if sporting competition and integrity were put above that.   
    • I certainly think it's an interesting thing to consider, if we broke off from them or simply banned them from competing alongside us until they put this stupid idea to bed, how the broadcasters would react. Who would they follow? Sky, for example, right now are protecting the Premier League with all the power they can. It's beneficial for them to do that. But if we split from those 6 and they had the opportunity of buying into what those clubs do next or just sticking by the Premier League and the EFL, what would they do? It seems like it should be an easy answer, follow the clubs with the money, follow the potential viewing figures they would generate. But is it as simple as that? I'm not so sure.
    • 1. Was it Malley that was highly rated a year or two ago? If it was I'd give him a go alongside Howson. I'd also give Coulson a run a leftback, we know what Bola is all about, and under JW Coulson seemed to be on an upward trajectory. If he puts in 5 good performances maybe we can keep him as cover for Bola and not worry about needing to sign leftback cover in the summer. Archer Fisher, Hall, McNair ,Coulson Howson, Malley Kebano, Watmore, Bolasie Akpom 1a. No idea, pesky Romans. 2. Negredo purely because at the time he seemed the perfect striker for Aitor's system (that he used during the promotion season). Valdes is worth a shout just because of his previous experience in the game and what he had won. 3. Who knows, but if we finish lower than 9th next season, that would be pretty bad.
    • Amber list countries then, if he has to quarantine. 

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