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Great quote from Kevin Blackwell in the Athletic today 🤣🤣🤣

It's my birthday today, meant to be my 30th but I've refused to allow that in current circumstances of not being able to celebrate it. I usually get my age on the back of one of my shirts so I re

https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-obvious-choice-manage-18614026.amp?__twitter_impression=true "Gibson is a hands-on owner and Bausor is a hands-on chief exe

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In all seriousness, I think that what previous posters have touched on, is a much more far reaching issue than just social media. It's an issue that effects society as a whole.

People on all sides of the political spectrum (which I believe is actually more like a circle, rather than a straightline), have such entrenched views that any sort of nuanced debate is pointless. You'll present people with facts and figures, but due to their deeply engrained view they simply do not accept or budge from their position.

Which leads me on to a more general point in which there is a large swathe of people that simply seem to reject any qualified expert advice or opinion on subjects. This has been strikingly evident during this pandemic. Facemasks which are scientificly proven to reduce transmission are now seen by many as useless as their own opinion on the matter is somehow better or more important than scientists or doctors etc. Just to tie into this too, viral posts on Facebook/Twitter which are factually incorrect seem to do the rounds and people lap them up without a second thought.

I also think there is an abject lack of critical thinking throughout the UK (and beyond) at the moment. People don't stop to consider, who has written this article or what links they have etc. But simply take things on face value, actually do some digging/research and educate yourself on the situation, rather than taking in impartial views.

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7 minutes ago, Brunners said:

October looking unlikely now.

I loved everyone's optimism that we could hold multi thousand people events in flu season but I was always deeply pessimistic that we'd get fans back until a vaccine is distributed early next year.

Not getting to see Boro in person this year sucks but I do enjoy the all games shown coverage in the Prem that's probably here to stay through winter for this I am happy.

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37 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

Tony pulis and Tim Sherwood among the new soccer Saturday team. Hard, Hard pass 

Pulis is bad enough but Sherwood!?

Mans an absolute melt. I'd sooner see Fred West on the panel than him.

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42 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

Tony pulis and Tim Sherwood among the new soccer Saturday team. Hard, Hard pass 

The Office No GIF

I remember trying to watch some MLS games last year and Pulis was on commentary, he's going to be unbearable. Every discussion about Fulham+Mitrovic will be 'well I tried to get him at Middlesbrough but we couldnt get it over the line' actually he could say that for about half the players in the league that he tried to loan and failed.

Oh and every Wolves game he's going to take credit for Adama, Sherwood's just a 30 IQ shithouse how he gets these gigs I don't know.

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The thing with soccer Saturday is you don’t need expert analysis you need personalities. Of which Sherwood, Pulis have none whatsoever. I’d be going for peter crouch, get Kammy in the studio see if they can prise Ian Wight way from the BBC and  Jimmy Bullard

(Was gonna day Ian Holloway But then remembered he’s Grimsby manager

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