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Guest Changing Times


I know a lot of people say that, but every team has a different squad of players and some players cope with fatigue better than others. Its also worth noting clubs will have differing training regimes, which could help or hinder players' recovery between matches.


I think the tiredness argument has some validity. Though I'd like to stress I agree its not the only cause.


Don't forget we've also questioned Boro's training regime in the past, regarding the seemingly disproportionate number of injuries our players pick up over a season.


Well I haven't questioned the training regime. We've had injuries here for as long as I've been a Boro fan so that takes in plenty of different managers and coaching staffs. We have no idea about training regimes throughout the division so I think you're making assumptions and trying to fit them to what happened.


The reality is we just didn't play all that well from start to finish and we were gifted two goals. We have problems in seeing games out as we have shown previously this season. This group of players doesn't deal with being put under pressure especially well and they don't seem to have a clue how to take the sting out of a game late on. The Millwall game showed that we are fit enough as even in terrible conditions we were actually coming on strong at the end and we looked more likely to score than they did before we eventually got our second. We were helped by playing a very poor side it has to be said.


There's no harm in saying we have problems and Karanka hasn't addressed them yet. It's no slight on him certainly as he hasn't had enough time to either change the squad or properly impose his own ideas on them.

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