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As long as our midfield is set up:





Then I'd be flexible on the rest, although it would be hard to drop any member of the defence.

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Oh Charlton, Charlton Charlton, ye of the accursed Valley, where did it all go wrong?


Not too long ago Charlton were a respectable Premier League team, with a good manager who had been with them for what seemed like decades, and some pretty fancy players. Very much like our own beloved team, they went bankrupt in the mid 80's, parted company with Lennie Lawrence and replaced him with a more succesful manager. Alan Curbishley, was manager for what seemed like forever until they got bored of him, showed him the door, and the Greenwich Gladiators dropped rapidly downwards, and don't look like coming back any time soon.


Their home fixtures have been affected by the crumbling pitch of the Valley, and dwindling attendances, after an initial revival, and promotion to the championship under "ex-England veteran" Chris Powell, they seem to lack any real ambition to move on upwards.


Bearing all of this in mind, it's a fantastic opportunity for us to stretch our unbeaten run, and record our first double of the season. Back in the beginning of the season, I was lucky enough to witness a rare Boro away win, and a Juke goal, to boot!


Charlton were pretty insipid that day, and to be fair, the match was going nowhere, until a defensive error gave the Juke a free header, 10 minutes from time. It's a game we should win, and 3 -0 wouldn't be a huge surprise.


I'll leave the formation and line up to AK, for in Karanka we trust!


Let's just say 3 - 0 with Albert and Muzzy sharing the goals.

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I'm going for a goal-fest myself. This is where things will click. Without being disrespectful to Charlton i've gone for 6-0, with a fiver on at 200/1 aswell.


Also sensing a hatrick from somewhere. Not sure who though.


Game has 0-0 written all over it now! :P


I think it all depends on whether Charlton come and play or come to park the bus and stop us from playing. Can we break down a team that comes to defend?

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    • This game is what my remaining thread of hope is hanging on. Fail to win this and I expect the pressure for Warnock to go will ramp up to the point where Gibson will have to take action. Which will probably throw the succession plan into chaos. But leaving Warnock in post any longer will put Boro in serious danger of being sucked into the relegation battle. I can put up with "on again, off again" performances where we muddle through to another mid-table finish, but defeat (or even failure to win) will surely see the rot set in and put us on a downward spiral. Not overly optimistic though as Warnock sounds like he's already thrown the towel in. Pretty shocking really. Managers are supposed to project confidence and play up the positives, in all but the most dire situations.
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