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I've been a 'lurker' for the last 2 years and now i finally joined because of my disbelief about the FLS, sky sports and boro+ not showing shays save in the highlights, did the cameraman miss it? surely somewhere would have shown it


Well finally welcome to the forum boro94 and a rather strange reason to join.............surely the wit and banter of the site could have encouraged you to come on board a lot sooner:D


Hope that this will not be your one and only post but once again welcome!

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Guest Spirit of 86

I was at the game today. Not a convincing performance but a great 3 points all the same. Not sure whether to look forward to / dread Leicester away next.


Welcome to the forum Joa_Boro! Long time lurker or transfer from another forum?


Hope to see you post again and join in with the members on line:)

Was surprised that no-one apart from Anglian Red made a comment on what I mentioned yesterday but I will repeat myself.


The win against Charlton was the first home league game that Boro have won in the month of January for the last 7 seasons.


That stat really stands out


Think we all chose to ignore it as an absolutely horrible stat that should never ever be spoke of again. :D:D:D


We beat Wigan in 2008, isn't that 6 seasons?

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Guest CallumRoddy17

Another 3 points & this fantastic run continues.


I predicted 1-0 & thought it wouldn't be a walk over, to be honest the 2nd half we barely got out of our half bar that glorious chance for Ledesma/Juke. On the whole I was very happy with this win obviously not the way we played but the result. Aitor came out & said a few months ago we'd of lost this game & he's correct. There is a massive togetherness in the camp.


Given - '9' - This man never fails to impress that save at the end was magnificent.

Varga - '6' - 'Steady eddy' one moment of madness that nearly cost us but recovered well

Williams - '6' - Moments of class and no nonsense.

Ayala - '6' - Won headers well but still think he is prone to a error.

Friend - '6' - No nonsense & got forward well but disciplined.

Leadbitter- '6' - Hard working, winner - Typical Grant.

Whitehead- '7'- I was impressed with Dean, worked hard, won tackles & headers but technically wasn't great.

Ledesma- '7'- Regular threat, Superb strike for the goal, high in confidence.

Carayol- '6'- Ran well, gave us a different option.

Emnes- '6'- Worked hard and kept it well.

Main- '5'- Held it up well but technically was poor also missed a glorious chance early on.


I think it was obvious that we missed AA against Charlton & if we were playing a half decent side we'd of lost on Saturday.

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Highlights, but strangely doesn't include givens save at the end which I would have liked to see. Seems like we got the rub of the green with the disallowed goal and the red card. Looks like the striker got to the ball before given and nodded it into the net, and it could easily have been allowed had we been away from home.

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Varga - 5. Poor today. First game he's looked really dodgy. Looked really uncomfortable up against his winger and gave away possession needlessly a few times.



Maddo gave Varga man of match yesterday


Then Maddo should have gone to specsavers!


MOTM got changed, Given got it.


It's an interesting one because as some people have said, had Given dealt with the first one properly then he wouldn't have had to make that second save. I also recall a few other "dodgy" moments from him that we got away with.


I thought Varga was very good and I'm not the only one saying that.


My ratings for the game, since I didn't get chance to post them before:


Given - 7 - boosted due to that save but a few moments where he looked shaky and poor attempt to get the ball when Church scored - had the ref been sideways on and not looking at the back of Church then it might well have been given as a goal and not a foul on Given.

Varga - 8 - Up against a pacey tricky winger and dealt with him well. Doesn't need to be tight on his man because he's got pace to keep up with most players. Strong in the challenge and steady on the ball.

Friend - 8 - I don't think he was beaten in the air all day. Looks to have much more determination and aggression in his defensive play.

Ayala - 7 - Solid and dependable - a must signing for me.

Williams - 7 - Looking more like the player we knew he could be. The whole back line looked solid.

Whitehead - 7 - Made a few mistakes early on having been put under pressure by his own team mates, but immediately demanded the ball again. I like that, I like a player who doesn't shy away and who wants the ball back so he can get back into the groove after a mistake. I thought his break up play was excellent and he puts his body on the line time and time again.

Leadbitter - 6 - a quiet game by his recent standards and after getting booked for a silly kick in the early stages, I don't think he made any challenges whatsoever.

Ledesma - 7 - Scored again and looked to be our main goal threat. Should probably have scored late on to give us a comfortable last few minutes and was completely lost and ineffective once he moved into the centre.

Carayol - 7 - He's one of those players who just isn't involved for huge parts of the game and then suddenly bursts into action. Made the keeper work several times with some good shots and some great close control when running with the ball but also anonymous for long periods.

Emnes - 6 - I thought he was having a decent game and was involved in a lot of what we did well in the first half but made his own trouble in the second half before being subbed. Game changed for the worse when he went off and we looked lost after that for a long period.

Main - 6 - Fought well in the first half and occupied their defenders. Had a good chance early on but missed the target. Anonymous in the second half, especially once moved out to the wing.

Jutkiewicz - 3 - Hardly looks like a footballer. Main managed to challenge their defenders throughout the first half without a problem. The Juke came on and spent most of the time wrestling with their defenders instead of focusing on the ball. It was comical at times how easily he lost the ball as well.

Kamara - 5 - no major contribution but good to see him back.

Smallwood - 4 - didn't look interested.

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    • I can't see anything in the laws that says that. It does say that an injured goalkeeper doesn't have to leave the field of play to receive treatment, and that in itself prevents play from restarting until the keeper has received treatment, but it doesn't say anything specific about goalkeeper injuries stopping play. The ref has to stop play if they deem a player to be seriously injured, but I wouldn't class stepping on someone's heel as a serious injury. Which I think is reinforced by the fact De Gea was up and about walking within a minute. It also say the ref "allows play to continue until the ball is out of play if a player is only slightly injured" and if Fred had stepped on any other Man United player, I definitely think that would be deemed only a slight injury and waved on.
    • Btw. does anyone know if the club do half-season online match tickets, like they do with normal season tickets? I vowed never to buy a match as long as Warnock was manager, but I might change my stance now, although I rarely get to see entire games due to other commitments.
    • Yeah I get that. It's probably the best time to not have midweek games with Fry and Payero getting back and the players learn the new routines and build up more fitness. But that still doesn't change the fact, that I want games.
    • If you follow the rule book it was the refs fault. The rules specifically say that the goalkeeper has to be fully functional at all time for the game to be continued. It was Arsenals luck that the ref didn't see he was down injured and blew his whistle before the ball had gone in. It's the refs responsibility to stop play as soon as the keeper isn't functional. That is what makes it controversial. If a keeper is hurt while trying to stop the ball from going into the net ie. bangs his head against the post and the ball goes in then it's obviously a goal. But if the keeper is down hurt before the 2nd 3rd or whatever touch then the ref has to stop play. 
    • Have a great time, that man. Hope the boys make you proud ,Enjoy the Legends Lounge & the party. .........  Travelling is a complete pain these days. Im off to Tenerife next week via Stansted so i need locator forms going into Spain, PCRS test & locator forms  coming back to the UK & again a locator form coming back to Ireland. All worth it though........... I love the way people on Forums ask "Does anyone know a bar in "wherever" where i can watch the match. In other words- I am in "wherever" & i want everyone to know it,  BTW Does anyone know a Bar in Costa Adeje where i can watch Sky Sports?!

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