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Omeruo seems to expect to be coming here for first team football in a starting role. Could be interesting to see who gets dropped if he is going to be starting


You would think we would want to keep chelsea sweet with our new link. They won't keep sending us their bright young talent if we dont use them... but then it would be harsh to drop any if the defenders who've kept several clean sheets recently! Ah, to be a football manager!

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Indeed talk about selection problems and with Kamara scoring twice in his reserve game against ***nal no less he must be in serious contention to replace Juke aka "I wish I could score"


If it aint broken do not try and fix it comes to mind but Kamara offers more than Juke.


Would still be inclined to keep Carayol on the bench as an impact sub for the second half

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Charlton Athletic...does anyone actually care either way about them?


As for the sister and pie comment, for me it depends which type of pie!

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Some of that is quite hilarious! :D





I've been to Boro Semedo, the geezer's probably got one hand up his sister, the other in a pie. Strange place full of strange people. Recall the coach trip through there on the famous 'Operation Riverside' day. Never seen so many boarded up shops and this was pre-recession. I'm sure I remember a huge nackered old boat in the dock outside the ground and all. Horrible place.


Having said all that, they will do us 3-1. We'll probably be blinded by the bright sight of green grass on a pitch.



Southerners seem to have a very negative perception of Ye Olde Borough of Middles. :(


Still this guy seems to have more of a grip on reality regarding the outcome of the match...love the idea of the Charlton players being "blinded" by the bright green grass of the Riverside pitch. :D


By the way, which "optimist" put money on us to win 6-0 at 200/1? Be amazed if that comes off.

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    • If that was the case, every keeper out there would just feign death and fall over whenever the ball was anywhere near their goal and every game would end 0-0 for all eternity.
    • Nice to hear Wilder was complimentary of Leo in saying he has really taken to him. I know people might say people should have a a job on merit and not emotion but with Leo it seems he here on both counts.   I guess its nice knowing there someone in the set up who genuinely has the same passion and love for the club we fans do. And that he appreciated by the new boss as much as he is by us fans.
    • Well let’s hope the weather favours those making the journey and the predicted blank of snow holds off.  I can remember my early days pumped up full of beer travelling around the country to games in the back of freezing vans. The worst I remember was a crammed Luton huddled together in the compartment above the cab trying to stay alive. The spilt beer and urine had turned to ice sending everyone flying every time it stopped, took off or cornered. The only stops allowed were for petrol, or a pub so containers a pipe and funnel were essential equipment.  Although I did hire a new Ford Granda in 1980 for a 1 - 1 cup night match at Portsmouth. Terry Cochrane scored, latter we became good friends, but it was a toxic atmosphere and lost my bother who took off while being threatened. Drove around town until we found him being chased down the street by a few hundred agitated morons. Picked him up on the move but someone cracked the windscreen. I remember leaving work at lunch, drove down and back after the game and in to work next day. BORO mad back then.  
    • I didn't see the problem with it personally, whatever the rules actually are, I feel like it should be a goal. It's not a foul as its a challenge by his own player. It's not a head injury so it doesn't need immediate attention. And you're gonna have a hard time convincing me he's not making the most of that just to stop play anyway. Admittedly, he probably doesn't realise himself who's actually stood on his foot but note that by the time the shot hits the back of the net, there only seems to be one player who realises he's down and is asking for play to be stopped... the man who stood on his foot to begin with.
    • excellent news    

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