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Welcome to the Man Bear Pig football thread!









Middlesbrough WLDDD


[align=center]Location: Vicarage Road

Capacity: 17,477

Time: Saturday 15:00hrs



Things you may not know…


• The moose on the Watford badge isn’t a moose! It is a Hart. The reason being is because Watford is located in HARTfordshire…


• Elton John is a famous fan of Watford, but did you know that in the ‘Step into Christmas video’ he holds up a supporter’s card for Watford?



• The only English pope, Adrian IV comes from Watford, 3rd December 1154. ‘Yo Adrian, he did it!’






Football Talk

It is well documented of late that Middlesbrough are struggling to score goals with the goalless drought hitting the 6 hour mark. What could you have done in that time I hear you ask? Well, you could have flow Egypt (5hrs 51), Cape Verde (5hrs 27) and Cyprus (5hrs) from Heathrow since Boro last netted a goal.


But while we have struggled to score goals, we have kept more clean sheets than a nunnery. Middlesbrough boss Aitor Karanka has turned a porous defence into one of the most stubborn in the Championship.




In my opinion, even though goalless draws aren’t the most thrilling, the platform to build from these results for the next season are positive steps in the right direction.


But the question on everyone’s lips is will we score?

Watford on the other hand are in a good run of form also, coming off the back of a 2-2 draw with the league leaders Leicester and Tuesday nights win against Birmingham. They are a side similar to us, under performing but creaking towards a good team.


Points to Consider…


Will the Hornets (Mooses) adopt a 3-5-2 formation and expose their flanks to the pace of Carayol & Adomah?


Is Aitor Karanka stubborn in sticking with the 4-2-3-1 formation?


If there was one player from the Watford team you could chose to play for us and it meant our equivalent player going to them, who would it be? For example, Almunia replacing Given.


How many bicycles are there in Beijing?


If a pig loses its voice does it become disgruntled?


Why do croutons come in airtight packages? Its just stale bread to begin with.



and who is Osorio?!

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It's important we start turning our draws into wins otherwise we'll never catch up to the teams ahead of us. Going for a sneaky 1-0 win courtesy of a goal from Danny Graham against his former club where he made his name.

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hope we play ledesma behind the striker over leadbitter, graham was way too isolated on saturday playing that system. wouldnt be suprised to see the same team as sat though as were away. wouldnt mind seeing butterfield in that position too actually. sure he would offer more defensivly than ledesma


hopefully graham is fully fit, didnt look totally match fit on saturday to me

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I think Ledesma needs a break, he's been very quite over the last couple of games compared to Carayol. I'd drop Leadbitter back into defensive mid alongside Chalobah. Play Kamara in the number 10 role behind Graham. Let's go for the win!

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Too much cold weather here; too much snow. I hate winter. I've not commented in many days, but thought I'd throw in a question.


So, tell me why Kamara isn't playing more. Really would like to see him spark up the offense. Is he being held back by injury or by the emergence of other players? I think he's settled into life there and is happy. But, why isn't he getting playing time?

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Too much cold weather here; too much snow. I hate winter. I've not commented in many days, but thought I'd throw in a question.


So, tell me why Kamara isn't playing more. Really would like to see him spark up the offense. Is he being held back by injury or by the emergence of other players? I think he's settled into life there and is happy. But, why isn't he getting playing time?


came of the bench a few times but he hasnt impressed me at all. looks a shadow of the player we had at the start of the season. cant see him getting much game time in the near future either as we have just signed a new striker on loan.


to be fair to him since he has came back the whole team hasnt been the greatest, hopefully as the team pick up form so will he

just taken this off fmttm;


Been told today that if the expected rain comes on Friday the Watford game will get called off


Apparently their pitch is a mess already and the rain will just swamp it.


Just giving people the heads up!

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    • Warnock shouldn't abuse referees. But I don't think boro fans should be calling our manager expletives online. It makes us all look silly. I imagine if we beat Sheffield United 3-0 then nobody will be calling him a p**** then. He won't be here much longer.
    • Our performances have been so bad this season that I now think Warnock leaving is the best thing all round. Our midfield hasn't been fit for purpose for most of this season as Warnock doesn't know how to get the best out of the players at his disposal. If the going gets tough then I doubt Warnock will dig his heels in to stick around for a mid-table at best kind of season, so I'm sure there's a good chance that he'll leave if there isn't an upturn in results soon. There's two more games against Sheffield United (home) and Hull City (away) before the next international break - which would be a good time to make a managerial change - so our results before then could decide whether Warnock leaves or not. Whilst Crooks has probably been our best performing central midfielder this season, I think him him being part of any three man midfield, especially with Warnock's direct tactics, massively reduces our fluidity in possession and just leads to our midfield three not functioning to anywhere near an acceptable standard. Last season we were far more fluid in possession without a unique "Warnock style" midfielder like Crooks. Something has dramatically changed in midfield from last season as we've got so much worse. I don't think the goals he has provided has been worth the negatives. Any three from Howson, Morsy, Saville and Tavernier last season performed to a far higher and consistent standard than any three this season so far. I can see the positives that Crooks adds to the team in a midfield role such as him pushing forward from midfield to be a targetman for flick-ons from Lumley's long kicks, and a very good aerial presence in both boxes in open play and set-pieces. However, aside from them, I think he really limits us as a team as the ball doesn't flow well with him in there. With three central midfielders we should be far more patient on the ball and allow our shape to open up far more with fullbacks overlapping, wide midfielder having a more infield position and midfielders playing through the thirds with quality. Instead everything in midfield is disjointed, messy and scrappy for us - with minimal quality as a unit. We've played our best football this season in the home game against Blackburn with Howson, Morsy and Tavernier in a midfield three - with Crooks playing as a targetman in strike. Kieran Scott must be tearing his hair out after watching how smoothly Norwich's midfield in their two promotion seasons move the ball around and progress it into the forward areas. Siliki and Payero both still adapting to the Championship won't help matters either. Whatever the cause is, the problem of the midfield is abundantly clear so it needs to be resolved as soon as possible.
    • No, I'm saying that there's a great deal of hypocrisy to try and stand up for the right of a person not to receive abuse when the person you're talking about is Neil Warnock. The man hands out dog's abuse every game. It's not whether he can take it or whether he deserves it, it's that if he can't then be shouldn't be throwing stones himself.
    • Are you saying warnock deserves to be called obscenities from fans of MFC? Because I don't think he does. 
    • Is this what you say to Warnock about the referee every week? Bloody hell.

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