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u18 v Man City

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Whilst most of you lads and lasses were getting ready to go to see the "big lads" at the Riverside I was stood at the side of the pitch at Platt Lane Manchester with some bright sushine but a stiff cool breeze.


The young men were beaten 4-0


The side we put out was


1 Fryer


2 Wyke M. 5 Fry 6 Eldon 3 Coulson


4. Wheatley


7 Griffiths 8 Jowers 10 Johnson 11 Mondail


9 Emmerson


I was scratching my head as there was no Helm, Tinkler or Cooke. It was only when I got home that I found out they were at Chelski getting beaten 1-0 as part of the u21s


The under 16s were also in Manchester and winning 3-1


The game was fairly even for the first 20 minutes/ half an hour with little action at either end. then a left wing cross well over Fryer was being covered at the far post by Coulson when the muscular quick no 9 appeared form nowhere and scored. We did have a couple of attempts on goal and Jordan Jowers hit the post with a header.


Fortunately no 3 Oseni who is a very broad defender was defending well getting the ball but his distribution was not great and it gave us a few opportunities to attack.


However Emmerson and Mondial are not really big lads and the defenders they were against were large quick and aggressive.


Nice to see Fry and Elsdon play the ball on the floor and do it well. Matthew Wyke had a very energetic game and was able to match the physicality of the Man City side.


Unfortunately the City midfield particularly no6 Jack Byrne got on top and muffled the midfield. Wheatley matched force with force and eventually made the refs note book. Priestly Griffiths seemed to be struggling after a tackle in the first half. The second period became more and more of a rear guard action with the inevitable further goals


Our best opportunity fell to Luke Armstrong who nipped in and did all the hard work rounded the keeper but got a poor angle from which to shoot and hit the side netting.


City's no 11 Brendon Baker had a good shot and Fryer saved one deflected shot very well. He managed the dive of the day in the Boro penalty area which the ref waved away. I'd have given him 10 minutes on the naughty step for such a poor piece of acting

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Was the boro 9 not hetherington?


Of course it was !! .................. but they'd spelled it Etherington. I've no idea which is correct. Hetherington is the usual spelling but I did play Rugby with a bloke called Keith Etherington. You'd think I'd have remembered as when I saw it on the team sheet, I thought of Keith as he'd gone to University in Manchester and played rugby for Lymm. Sadly he died a couple of years back.


Apologies to Mr (H) Etherington and yourself


I'll put it down to age and stupidity particularly as it says Etherington on the "post it" note next to me. Well I can read it as that. My writing is appalling too

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He is an U16 as is Coulson.


Whilst in theory he did poorly as his winger scored twice and he was the wrong side of the no9 on the first goal, that is not a fair reflection. I guessed he might be an u 16 as had not seen him before. He did not look out of place in this company


The no 9 had come from nowhere and the goals were both during the "three pots in" period in the second half when were fighting a rearguard action.


Etherington was under pressure all the time with a defender always at his back until Armstrong came on and he moved a little further back. A bit more space give him that little bit more time and he looked more creative.

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