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Quantifying Redknaps Problems


I thought we were playing QPR not QRP :P


Sorry still not awake at the moment. Just gonna go take my head for a wobble :s

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Think we will win this, done really well against the top teams at Home and I can see us nicking a 1-0. Their confidence is going to be ropey and the pressure is mounting.


Think the team will be








Quite Probably Rubbish

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Queens Park Rangers are Quite Poor Really, they've got Questionable Pay Rates and have probably never visited a Quality Parmo Restaurant. So I'm Quite Positive Really about a home win. 2-0 Boro.

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Guest SmogOnTheTyne

Would anyone like to see Karanka go with two up top with the absence of Carayol? A lot of our defenders (Varga, Gibson, Omeruo) are not exactly ball playing defenders who look to play their way out from the back often looking to launch it forward to an isolated and beleagured Graham.


Why not introduce Kamara as a target man to offer the height/jumping presence to give Graham some support, Kamara can also drop a little deeper when we don't have possession and act as a number 10. I'm sure Adomah might appreciate some flicks on from Kamara as well, Clint Hill's not the most mobile or fantastic in the air so why not challenge him up there?


I think it is obvious that Karanka is going to opt to play with the 4-2-3-1 formation as a starting point in most games but I believe that we need to have a plan B, a formula that we can goto from the start of some games or switch to in the second half/60 minute mark to change games. These last games of the season provide the perfect platform to build an alternate plan of action if and when we need one.


I think with QPR generally lacking orthodox wing backs it might be a good time to get Adomah back in the groove possibly down the left against Aaron Hughes? Or would people prefer to see Tomlin or Ledesma down there with a bit of guile and craft?


Then again QPR are likely to have 3 across the middle of the park (Barton, Morrison, Henry?) so I highly doubt Karanka will go with my suggestion but maybe it is something we need to try before the season is out.

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Yeh would like to see two up front but Karanka has his system and doesn't look like changing it, though it would throw a curve ball into Redknapps plans as he will be preparing for one up front, I take it Richard Dunne is now banned and hopefully Joey Barton continues his disagreement with Clint Hill, an early goal and they will implode

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I don't think we should play 2 up top as I don't think we have the right combination or quality of strikers to do that. Graham hasn't shown or offered an awful lot since joining in January, and Kamara hasn't been effective since his return from injury. Main is what Main is, an honest runner who tries hard for the team, but he just doesn't do an awful lot with the ball. He can't win headers, struggles to hold the ball up and struggles to get in goalscoring positions. When he has gotten into them his finishing has been poor.


In the attacking department, we're definitely stronger with attacking midfielders than we are with strikers, and we're going to have to address our issues with strikers in summer. With it looking increasingly likely that Marv and the Juke will be sold, that leaves us with Kamara and Main and I honestly don't think those 2 are good enough to see us have much success.


What I would be interested in Karanka experimenting with (for away games) is to see a midfield trio of Butterfield, Leadbitter and Chalobah with Tomlin and Adomah on the wings and either Kamara or Graham up front. I think that would be defensive enough to retain our solidarity at the back, but also creative enough and quick enough to effectively counter-attack and create plenty of chances.


I'd also like to see Bryn Morris and Luke Williams get a bash and, in Morris' case especially, a taste of first team football. Every game is a nothing game for us now as we are very much a midtable side with nothing to play for. I'm happy for Karanka to experiment as much or as little as he wants to to see who should stay and who should go come the summer.


Anyway for the upcoming match I'd say stick with the 4-2-3-1. It's hard to counter at home and, in theory, provides us with enough attacking players and plenty in the midfield to break teams down. I'd expect us to play the following team:








Subs: Steele, Main, Kamara, Morris, Atkinson, L Williams, Butterfield


I'll go for a 2-0 boro win with Adomah and Chalobah to score, but that's only cause I'm an optimist.


In reality I'm expecting a scrappy midfield game as QPR boast a very good defensive record (barring an anomalous midweek destruction at the hands of t'Owls) and since December our defensive record has been excellent also conceding only 7 goals since that Millwall game. This in reality has 0-0 written all over it.

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Personally, I don't want to see us experiment with formations in the remainder of this season. If karanka has decided he wants to play 4 3 2 1 which he seems to have, then we need to use the rest of the season to let the players in the squad prove they can fit in the system and if not, get shot.


What I would like to see is experimentation in terms of personel. The younger players tried out in a variety of positions. Id also like to see leadbitter dropped for a few games and try playing with two specialist midfielders rather than a jack of all trades. Try a combination of chalobah and butterfield for example. We know what grant brings, may as well see if having a more attack minded midfielder alongside a solely defensive one can have a greater impact.

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Stupid question maybe but what's Steele done to upset AK? sure this has been discussed but a quick answer would be appreciated.


Is it ability or attitude?


Quite Possibly Rude? Questioned Practice Regime? :D



Think if we can somehow sneak a win, 'Arry might have to Quell Potential Rebellion in the ranks, as their promotion hopes take another knock.

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    • Last season Bola played 41 games out of 46, which is pretty good. Fry started 32 out of the first 38, but then missed the last 8 games - presumably one injury. The season before, Fry started 36 games with two short spells out ( Bola wasn’t bring picked a lot that season from memory.) So for those two, this season may be just unlucky, poor fitness management, as Wilder has suggested, or bringing them back too quickly after injury. There doesn’t seem to be a long term repeated history of injuries. Dijk does seem to miss more games though.
    • Thanks for putting some more context out there - stop the idiots claiming it’s just snowflakes being upset with the songs etc. It’s absolutely vile that female fans are being groped, hopefully more people will come forward and the club can deal with people appropriately. The leagues need to work together to take a tough stance on drugs use. As we saw at the Euros it’s ruining matches as well as our opportunity as a country to host big games and tournaments. 
    • It doesn’t look good but I suspect we will end up around mid table. We may struggle over the coming games but I expect improvement will be great enough to see us home. I would go as far to say we may even finish around 10th.  I am impressed with Chris in the press conferences, he comes across well, his knowledge of the club’s infrastructure and his plans give me confidence of his leadership.  I believe we are in good hands. 
    • Typically called Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.. 
    • Looking at our back 4/5 we have Djik, Bola and Fry who don’t play enough games because of injuries. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you are on the the sick list. I suspect there will be a few checks going on behind the scenes to find out if players have undiagnosed injuries, if training is causing injuries, if the medical team aren’t up to scratch or if there’s a behavioural issue.    Depending on the results of those investigations I think we may see some of the players moved on 

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