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Boro V Burnley (A) 1-0

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So just seen the FLS highlights . Great run from Tomlin for the goal !

But the Ayala red card I seriously think they were two stupidest yellow cards I have ever seen . First one was pointless and unnecessary and he just seemed to lose his head and that seemed to carry on to the second yellow which was again daft.


They were stupid yellows.


The first one I think he was ***ed because just a minute prior as he was heading the ball away the striker flung himself to the floor looking for a penalty (no way that one was though, at all) and I think Ayala was just a bit ***ed that he'd resorted to that.


Still stupid bookings though.


There's absolutely no excuse for the second, beyond being annoyed that the ref decided the minimum of four minutes wasn't enough and we needed six.

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