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Transfer Rumours, Summer 2014 "Didn't we do well!"

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We now have 2 keepers with Champions League medals




Does he qualify as a youth loan? Because if not, we now have 5 loanees:







...and will need to juggle if we get Baker.


All players 20 and under will be youth loans i imagine.

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Happy overall with our activities this summer and today. Some real quality signings brought in, just need to hope that they will all adapt quickly and make this a season to remember.


A quick word of congratulations to the members too, for making this perhaps the least bitchy/fighty/argumenty transfer window thread ever :)

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Blackman is a quality young keeper. I'd give him a shot at 1st choice to be honest. Getting rid of Steele and bringing this lad is is great business for us. Big saving in wages and a keeper who Karanka likes


Agree with this I'm happy with Blackman too, he's very highly rated with the Chelsea youths. If he impresses in training Karanka will give him a chance I'm sure.

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'On a related note, Chelsea loaning out their previously fourth-choice goalkeeper should put an end to any last-minute speculation about Petr Čech's future. It also rules out a rumored Lewis Baker loan to Middlesborough, since the Championship side have reached their loanee limit from any one club.'


Well that's that as far as Baker is concerned, for now, I suppose.

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What a difference a summer transfer deadline makes, Last summer I was infuriated at Butterfield and Kamara who I said both were bleep signings, And they have already left the club.

This year we sign the most exciting player we have signed in years and a relatively unknown but has come through the Ajax ranks so might have some total football talent.

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