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1. Take a load of water bottles filled with genuine water.


2. Convert to Christianity.


3. Pray for Christ to show you a sign from Heaven.


4. Enjoy your wine.


Or go the Harry Potter way.

"Eye of rabbit, harp string hum, turn this water into rum"


Although Seamus only managed to make weak tea as far as I remember. And explosions.

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I'll probably clear £300 easily at Download and Sonisphere this year. :(


Still, it'll be worth it...or at least that's what I'll tell myself, when I'm struggling to get out of bed with sore legs and sorer head, the Monday after.



Oh, right, there's a football match on, isn't there? Feeling kinda pessimistic again right now. Think Boro will be about as interested in this one as a turkey is in Christmas. It'll be a dull, scrappy affair, with Boro taking the lead, but conceding a late equaliser.


My Prediction: Yeovil 1 - 1 Middlesbrough

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Happy to see Steele starting. I'd like us to give a couple of the youngsters a go in the team.








Subs: Dimi, Chalobah, Atkinson, Adomah, Jones, Hines, Main


*Can Williams play on the right? If not, Adomah starts

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Aerosmith, Linkin Park and Sevenfold are the headliners. Offspring, Status Quo and Trivium headline 2nd Stage. Rob Zombie, Fall Out Boy, Alter Bridge, Bad Religion, Wildhearts, Twisted Sister, Sikth, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pretty Reckless, Behemoth Skindred are a few others.

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