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A public apology to @TeaCider24 A little while ago, during the Rotherham match, I made a comment essentially in reply to TeaCider24.  The comment, full of sarcasm as so many of my posts are, impl

With perfect timing, this just appeared in my twitter timeline.

We can hug but avoid face to face contact 🤷‍♂️  Think I’ve found a solution buddy

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Well I have a feeling India will not only win this test, but they will go on and win the series.


That’s the 200 up, 4 wickets remaining, I’d say you are probably right, unless Butler can really dig in.


Well a session and a half and I feel a bit more confident about the match. Fair play Stokes and Butler helped steady the ship after the loss of the first 5 wickets (Cheaply once again). With the 20 year old Curran again providing well needed runs at the end of the evening session.


A lead of 230 odd at the moment. I think that isn't enough especially with Kohli scoring consistently. If we get to 260 odd, I think that gives us a real chance of actually getting a result.

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