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A public apology to @TeaCider24 A little while ago, during the Rotherham match, I made a comment essentially in reply to TeaCider24.  The comment, full of sarcasm as so many of my posts are, impl

With perfect timing, this just appeared in my twitter timeline.

We can hug but avoid face to face contact 🤷‍♂️  Think I’ve found a solution buddy

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Yeah thought we should have rested him as he hasn't played at since he first got injured. Fingers crossed it isn't too bad as you say. 

But if he can't play in the 2nd test we have Stone, Archer and Curran who can fill the void. Think we have gotten away with missing him so far as Woakes is effectively a swing bowler on his home ground. And Broad as ever pulls his best out for the Aussies.

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For those that are interested about F1. I’m currently at the Hungaroring watching he Budapest Grand Prix I will provide live updates 


yes I know you can watch it on the tele box but these will be exclusive Uwe updates 


wait out 

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Update 1. The route in to the venue is absolutely dog ? and I urge everyone that wants to be here to watch P1 to leave around about fricken Easter ? 

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Update 4 

£40-50 for a football shirt is bang out of order but €35 for a baseball cap or €90 for a polo shirt is ok #takingthepiss 

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