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Final Fantasy VII

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Having seen this mentioned on the main forum (and just about everywhere else, too) as being one of the best games ever, I decided to have a look and I have just bought a Steam code on eBay. (Got into Steam via some freebie codes that came with a graphics card purchase.)


I'm into strategy games like the C&C, Total War, XCOM and Civ series but I've never been able to get away with RPGs, FPSs or anything requiring good hand-eye co-ordination.


If at first I don't succeed... I usually give up, so was FF7 a good buy for me?

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Depends what your looking for in a game mate. By todays standards even the graphics through a high spec pc would look dated. The story line is brilliant tho, but you have to stick with it. Be prepared to spend alot of time running around getting into fights and building up your characters. This was the first ever RPG that truly gripped me. I must have spent 500+ hours playing this game, completed it 4/5 times, the first time being around 140 hours!!

Lots of different aspects to the game aswell, especially if you get all the materia, summons, weapons aswell as gold chocobo etc.


They need to remake it!!


If you like this, you'll probably like final fantasy 10 too.

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Im actually more a fan of 8. 7,8 and 9 tend to split people and there's people who insist on each one being the best, but 7 is the most popular for a reason. Stories dont come better, the gameplay is accessable though with tonnes of depth and the characters are all memorable. As a non rpg fan im not sure its a good purchase for you, but as alan says, this is still the number one game for newcomers to go to.

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Thanks for the advice guys. You all seem to agree that the Final Fantasy series is great and I'm going to give it my best shot. I read that FF7 is turn based so I'm rather hoping that I won't encounter the usual problems with it.


It's typical of me that of the 5 freebie games that I got with the graphics card (Dirt Showdown, LA Noire, Nexuiz, Sleeping Dogs and Shogun 2) the only one that I've spent more than 30 minutes playing is the Total War game, which suits me perfectly. Others I have tried include Witcher 2: AoKE, which I gave up on when I couldn't get the hang of the swordplay tutorial that crops up about half an hour in. Similarly, I gave up on Tomb Raider when I couldn't get Lara to leap across the chasm during the earthquake sequence, again about half an hour in to the game. As I mentioned earlier, hand-eye co-ordination isn't my strong point... do I need a games controller of some sort?


Something I think I should have mentioned at the outset is that I'm a PC man who has never owned a games console, or even seen one in action, outside of TV sit-coms, that is. :D

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FFVII is the first RPG I ever played, back when I was a teenager. It opened the door for other RPG's such as Chrono Trigger, Seventh Saga, Breath of Fire and of course, that other great PS1 RPG, Alundra.


I still play it to this day, despite having 'mastered' it several times (all characters lev 99, all with level 4 limits, ultimate weapons, 6 golden chocobos, master materia for all characters) but the main thing is the story, it sucks me in everytime and playing it as an adult means the hidden subtext is even clearer than it was the first time round.


If you want to play it properly try not to level up too much during disc 1, some of the bosses can be quite challenging if your levels are average and it makes the game more fun to play. On one of my playthroughs I actually spent about 6 hours in the first reactor levelling up and had Cloud's second level 3 limit break which just made every single battle far too easy as a result.


Also make sure in the settings you turn ATB to 'active' and turn the battle speed up, otherwise fights will take forever.


If it sucks you in like it did me, you'll soon wonder where the hours, even days went!

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Interesting that MattyBoro suggests I should spend time levelling up, while dell_zincht reckons you can overdo it and make things a bit too easy. This thing's got me genuinely intrigued now and I'm hopeful that it will finally open the door to RPGs for me as I'm casting around for something new at present.


Like Batmalan, I would have expected them to email the Steam Key but it has to be a voucher by post, it seems, and it still hasn't arrived.

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I would just suggest playing the game as feels right for you, i would recommend very highly saving whenever you can, there is nothing worse than not saving for an hour or so dying in a fight and having to do EVERYTHING again.


If you get to a point in the game where you are struggling to kill enemies or cannot defeat a boss, spent 30 mins to an hour in the local area just levelling up and changing your materia (you will learn what this is when you start playing) after that short period of time you will more than likely find you can now defeat the enemy you were stuck on and you won't be overpowered for the next fights.

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Yup, save everywhere, especially while in Midgar. On the World Map you can save anywhere. For me the game is no fun if you're overpowered, that's just my opinion though. As a complete newbie to RPG's you might find the going easier if you level up a bit more. Be warned though, grinding levels gets very boring very quickly!

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