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Boro Vs Charlton Athletic 3-1

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Boro Vs Charlton Athletic

Riverside Stadium

7th February 2015





Ladies and Gentlemen..... This is Match Thread No 5!!





Wasson me 'ansums...


And welcome to the 5th installment of the Cornish match thread.  This week we welcome Charlton Athletic to the Riverside.  Both teams will be looking to give a better showing than the 0-0 squib-soaker back in September.  Here's what happened:



And if that wasn't enough excitement, here is what we were talking about:




In fairness this was a very good point for us.  Charlton were on a very good run of form, and had built up a bit of a reputation for being tough to beat at home.  We good have lost had it not been for the post.  




Boro (last 6 HOME games) - D-D-W-W-W-W 

Charlton (Last 6 AWAY games)  -W-D-L-L-L-D



Last Week


Brentford 0 - 1 Boro

What a result for us!  Very very surprised with Brentford.  They outplayed us at times and should have won that game.  However, it was very evident we had a game plan.  Defend well and wear them down, which we saw when a lapse in concentration resulted in another Leadbitter penalty securing all 3 points.  It was a perfect away performance.  Solid at the back and dangerous on the break.  Many of us (myself included) thought a point would be an excellent return so I imagine we were all incredibly surprised and satisfied with 3 points.


Charlton 1 - 1 Rotherham

Was Guy Luzons first game in charge and they almost came away with the win but it seems they have caught the Boro bug of old and conceded late late on.


Talking Points

Is it time we saw Kike start a game - does this type of game suit him.  Most of us seem to prefer Jelle on away games but Kike must be full of confidence after his goal at City, only to be benched again for Brentford.  Could this be perfect man-management from Karanka where he will finally be unleashed?


Is this game still to early for Muzzy.  I would hope to see him on the bench, to get a bit of game-time in front of a home crowd.  But Karanka has said a few times he will not make the same mistake he did with Rhys, and that Muzzy will only be bought back when he is absolutely ready.


How would you line this one up?



View from the other side




Cheers for the link Boro-Unger!



As always, look forward to your views...








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Right trawling the charlton boards and i'm really hopeful. they are hoping/talking up playing 3-5-2 against us. one of them was even talking about puttng bikey up front as a target man. if thats being talked about they must be desperate lol.


cant see them getting anything here. if they play 3-5-2 and bikey upfront we'll have a goal fest. going 5-0 boro.

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And if they play bikey in defence Grant will have another penalty to put away. I'll give my full thoughts on the game tomorrow.

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Yes, Cornish! Another MD thread and the standard has been consistently great. This week obviously resembles a bit of a mirror, with us playing Blackpool a few days after Charlton. Last time around the draw with Charlton was seen as a decent point, and Blackpool obviously a disappointment, with fingers being pointed at Karanka for the changes he made (although actually looking at the team that started, it was actually pretty strong, aside from Husband everyone is still in and around the first team). Funnily enough, I think the same thing will happen again this week, and we'll see a few changes between the two games. The difference now, of course, is that a point is not really good enough in either game.









With Fredericks, Vossen, Tomlin and Adomah obviously to play at Blackpool (Ayala is also back from suspension for that one, and we may see Woody get a run out). I think Forshaw playing a decent amount of the Brentford game was a way of getting him bedded in with the team early, and may even step into Clayton's role if Tomlin starts.

Big game for Kike, fancy him to score here. We have to go for it, and confidence will be high. 3-0 Boro.

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Another top MD thread cornishboroboy.


I will give more thoughts closer to the game but for now......


This is a game were we really should improve our goal difference quite a bit.... Reading the Charlton forum its sounds like its a matter of how many we win by.



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C'mon the Boro. 3-0. Pasties and Doom Bar all round plus maybe a dollop of clotted cream on a scone!!!!!!!

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Id like to see us give Forshaw a run out in place of either cm for this one. Taking into account the week ahead we have I would go with:














Think give Friend a bit if a rest whilst giving Husband a crack at home. Forshaw a run out at home while keeling Grant fresh for the away games next week (Will likely be starting both of them). Reach on the left gives us more balance in terms of width and solidity. Adomah or bam on the right ( would prefer to rest bam but he is probably our biggest goal threat atm). Give Kike a fresh stab at it. Reckon players will be gagging for this game and Blackpool to try cement a place for ***nal. Is Nsue back for this?

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 Is Nsue back for this?


No, Nsue will play either in the AFCON final or the 3rd/4th place playoff so will go right to the end of the tournament (it ends on Sunday)

So we won't see him at Blackpool and it's highly unlikely he'd be in the squad for ***nal. Should be back for Birmingham away the week after.

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I'd like us to start with:

Dimi; Fredericks, Kalas, Gibson, Friend; Clayton, Leadbitter; Bamford, Tomlin, Reach; Vossen.


Looking ahead to us playing Blackpool, on their pitch https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B832xEbIgAEmKaj.jpg:large we will probably have to set our team out specifically to play more direct as there's no way that we will be able to play football on it.

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How do they even get away with having a pitch like that? Surely there must be a minimum standard required set out by the FA and enforced by the match day officials :s

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I mentioned elsewhere about playing Ayala upfront against Blackpool and punting long balls up to him.

I was only half joking...

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Thought that this was the Charlton match thread? Lol!!


So we welcome the draw specialists of the Championship to our hallowed ground and having a look at Charlton's last 6 away games brings out this sequence.


WDLLLD (their home form is not that good also with four losses and two draws)


15 draws so far so maybe we should not be overly too surprised that they could achieve another one.


Should we be concerned that our last mini win streak earlier in the season against Huddersfield, Cardiff and Brentford came to a halt against Charlton with a draw followed by another draw against Blackpool and we are now in that same sequence again?


Coupled with the fact that by this time tomorrow Aitor Karanka must surely get his first and well deserved MOM award with the potential of a Boro player gaining the Championship player of the month award and we all know what happens once that award is dished out!


Then we have the match day author winning streak to consider, Cornishboroboy has matched 5 in a row but as far as I can recall no-one has gone onto 6 never mind 7 (Blackpool).


For the superstitious a***st us does it seem that lady luck is now conspiring against us and that we will not witness a comfortable (on paper) victory this Saturday?


So with that in mind and the chance to blow away all the voodoo hoodoo stuff I think my seldom used phrase could be justified, especially now as it is very important to match or better both Derby and Bournemouth results (with them playing each other the same night as we play Blackpool) and state that in my opinion this COULD very well be THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON..........so far!!


Oh another shut out and a two clear goal win for Boro!

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I would play a full strength team against Charlton and make some tweaks against Blackpool.








I don't think Adomah was particularly effective at Brentford and Reach created two goals in our last home game, so I would start Reach.


Against Blackpool I'd probably rest Fredericks, Friend, Clayton and Tomlin for Kalas, Husband, Forshaw and Vossen.


It's a tough dilemma though, because we need to win all games but there are so many games coming up now, so rotation will be important. It's all about not making too many changes at once, so we may see my suggested changes being split over the next two matches. I reckon we will be in strongest lineup at ***nal.


3-0 to Boro in a match where we dominate.

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    • Pears - Fine debut.. Good to see him vocal and commanding. Kicks could be better Howson - Defends "ok" .. Clueless with the ball .. like he has very small feet and cannot turn the ball when he dribbles.. A good deal of running, but sadly a lot of running with his head under his arm. Fry - He is reacting and thinking too slow atm .. Needs to step up! Ayala - Awful missed sitter.. He would score more often than miss if he had 10 like that.. Good defending and nice to see him work aaard! Shotton - One big mistake.. Solid through out the game .. Actually played some nice balls forward. Johnson - super crossing several times .. could beat his man a few times too .. close to being my man of the match. Wing - Man of the match for me .. He broke through their first line in midfield several times and played some good direct forward passes .. Worked aaard too. His best game this season so far.  Mc'Nair - solid but no pulling up trees .. Great set pieces though. Saville .. Did his fair share of running .. not sure what he brings... Tav - finds himself in good positions often, but gets marked too easy, instead of going direct.. Ineffective today but reads the game well untill he gets the ball .. Fletcher .. Good positioning and incredibly poor miss .. No words for that ..  Britt .. Should have had a penna .. Still frustrating .. No grin today (Ain't that right, Will)  Coulson .. He has some drive, which will come in handy, when he gets back to full form. This kid will score and assist a few times, if he gets some minutes! Clayton N/A Over all .. The last two games should have given us 4 points .. But .. The variance will even out during the season .. We have played acceptable for the last two games ..   Against WBA we were sucker punched .. And today the ref and Fletcher .. and maybe Ayala cost us 2 points.  We will come good... and we will get something from the Fulham game as well! 
    • And then all the pennas we should have had too .. At least 3 during the 13 games ..  A fine mid table placing should be it .. But missed sitters, bad refereing and bad luck has us close to relegation .. But it will turn around .. Anyone blaming Woddy for the results of the last two games is insane ..  This is on the players (and the ref) ...   
    • I am asking him to lift it, there was no pace on the ball, it was begging for a simple lift over the keeper, even slightly off balance it's a simple finish and far better than letting the ball drop and trying to hit it through two players. Once he let it drop, the chance had gone.
    • The foul stopped him from being able to get a clean finish on it though, it pulled him off balance for just one extra step which allowed the defender in to close down. Unless you're asking him to genuinely lift a waist high ball that he's running onto with a defender close to him - which is a harder skill than you are describing it as.
    • no mate, but you have to play to the whistle. Strikers get fouled all the time and still manage to finish it, it goes with the territory. The ref should have given a penalty (just don't let Brit take it!) but you shouldn't need to wait for the ref to give it, finish it, lift it over them, it's such an easy and obvious finish.
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