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Boro Vs Blackpool (Away) 2-1

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Boro Vs Blackpool

Bloomfield Beach Road

10th February 2015






Welcome to the 6th(!) installment of the Cornish match thread - where we travel to Minefield Road to play bottom-of-the-table Blackpool.


Here's what happened last time:




Yes, the curse of the Boro struck again with "Big Ish" scoring against us to only take a point from the game.  It all started so well with Ayala's header but from there on the game transcended into nothingness really. 


Here is what we were talking about last time round if anyone wants a read




This is one of the games we often look back on and say "if we had beat ... then we would be in a much better position"




Boro (last 6 AWAY games) - D-W-L-D-D-W 

Blackpool (Last 6 HOME games)  D-W-L-D-W-W


Last results

Boro 3 - 1 Charlton

Professional performance from the Boro after a half-time "realisation" moment courtesy of Karanka


Norwich 4 - 0 Blackpool

A Gary Hooper inspired Norwich put Blackpool completely to the sword.


Talking Points

Has Karanka now got his preferred starting 11?  Will we see the same line-up as Saturday against Charlton or now that we have entered the "fixturebomb" we will make some changes?


Blackpool's pitch...  Are you kidding me?!  Is that even in line with regulations?  That's an accident waiting to happen!


Bournemouth Vs Derby - Ma-hoosive game in terms of where we will end up.  Do you think a draw is likely?!  Or is there another result you would rather out of this game



View from the other side





Kept short and sweet this one - in order to get the thread up quickly.










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If the pitch is in the same condition as it was last week then I think this could be a very tricky game.


I'd be worried about AK rotating too much, perhaps only putting in reach, Forshaw, husband for bamford, tomlin, friend just to keep them fresh for next week.


Best news is that big ish has left them, still going to be a tricky game so scrappy 1-0 to boro for me.

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Would like to see a bit of rotation here so gonna go for.








Subs Mejias,Gibbo,Grant,Paddy,

Jelle, Kalas, Deano


Think it was Naughty Boy that mentioned that Gibbo and his long balls may have been with a view to this game. And it wouldn't surprise me if AK was that astute. Blackpool's home form is not too bad and we will need to quieten them down in the first 15 mins after that we should be to strong for them.

A win is imperative but it's not going to be pretty just look forward to the 'Lee Clarke' sideshow as Tomlin tears his defense inside out..... UTB

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Congratulations on your win streak CBB! I hope it continues until the end of the season. :D


This is going to be a tricky game, no mistake. The state of their pitch is a concern because I don't know if it will suit our usual style of play. The past couple of games, we've haven't been great because of the route one football we have bizarrely been using in places.


This is the perfect chance for us to clinch an automatic place. I just hope that we don't falter in the way we have in the past when given a golden opportunity.

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The good ship Cornish sails on :)


I've been waiting for this to pop up, I have a bit of a personal plea for this one.

I'm doing some filming in Preston early in the day, and so am going to be in Blackpool from about 3 (no point going home), and I'll be all on my own :(

If anyone else going to be about? There's only so many portions of fish 'n' chips I can eat, and it's going to be a long afternoon...


As far as footballing matters go, I called the team for Charlton completely wrong, and I know that the changes last time meant that AK came in for a bit of stick after we drew, but here I do think that he will have one eye on the ***nal game.



I think Uwe's 11 would be pretty much what I'd go with, but it just looks a little light on leaders (Leadbitter, Friend, Deano and Woody have all captained the side this year, you would say Gibbo would be next in line, and he's not in that XI either. Just out of interest Uwe, who would you see captaining that side you suggested?), so I think one of those may start, maybe Whitehead and Clayton in the middle with Forshaw in the Tomlin role? Also, I think Kalas may be pushing for a start, with Fredericks having played 180 minutes since coming back from injury.

Personally I think Adomah, Tomlin and Friend will definitely sit this one out. Kike, Foreshaw and Ayala are pretty much nailed on to start. Let's go with:







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Very fair point but I'd see Dimi or Ayala as captain. Even though relatively new to Boro Ads Clayton is very vocal in the centre of the park do could a job also.


My choices were made made because I feel there is going to be a lot of running done without the ball, hence Adomah and Reach, Kike may well be isolated at times and can hold the ball up better than the other two. I opted to leave Grant out over Clayton as I know his knees are iffy and feel Ads body could take s little more at this stage of the season. Wouldn't de adverse to seeing Deano instead of Forshaw or Kalas instead of Fredricks. The bonus is if it's a draw at 60-70 mins. The options we have to change it are better than any team in the division. (Hope Derby fans see that bit). But I do expect us to have it wrapped up by then

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From what I can see the Blackpool forum is having legal action taken against it from the Blackpool owners. Crazy.


Something to do with certain users comments against either the club or the family that owns them, more than likely the latter. They are suing them for 150k in damages and they want the forum shutdown because they've refused to tell the club the posters details, it's an absolutely ridiculous decision, makes me even more grateful that we have someone like steve gibson in charge.

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Firstly well done CBB for your record breaking match day thread and hey really want to see this continue on for a while yet.


This game has two totally different meanings to both clubs, we all know that we are guaranteed autospot in our own right should we win, and maybe with the fact that Bournemouth play on Saturday in the league the best result for us to hold this spot beyond Saturday is that Derby do not win against Bournemouth on the same night, ok could see a four point gap between us and Bournemouth or a two point gap but simply Derby must not beat Bournemouth.


Blackpool now in the fight of their lives both on and off the pitch it seems and Bloomfield Road the only place where they have won and especially their last two home games so we know that this is going to be a rough and ready and unpredictable game potentially, unless Boro comes out and quickly stamps their authority on the game as soon as possible.


Certainly an early goal against Blackpool in my opinion will not see a relaxation as we witnessed yesterday but I think we will then pick them off as they will have to open up to get on level terms.


The longer they hold out against us then the higher the chances of them adding to their home points because that seems to be the only place they can accrue points.


Listened to the post match show on the way back from the Charlton game and I had to agree with Maddo and a few callers in the fact that potentially the Blackpool game COULD be THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON.........so far!!


The importance of the game will not be lost on all associated with Boro and I do feel we will win by at least a two goal clear margain

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Oh and another important aspect will be a winning sequence of 5 from 5 league games, both Bournemouth and Derby I think have achieved this tally but it has been a while for the Boro!, this continuance of gaining 3 points is vital

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I would normally be confident about our chances against a poor blackpool side, but I'm very concerned about the state of their pitch. Their home form has been good recently so they seem to have found a way to dig out results on the pitch. I think we should cope reasonably well with it if we push our full backs up and go more direct, as we did against Charlton. Maybe with Reach coming in for Adomah, and Ayala coming back in for Omeruo as a bit more physical presence should benefit us.

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Wont be as easy as some people think, they dont have a bad home record and that pitch is awful, will stop us playing any football at all. Still though its a decent opportunity to rest a few players, Leadbitter and Friend have played pretty much every game so they could do with not playing. Expect Kike to start up front, could see Reach in the team too I think








1-0 Boro (kike)

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