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Boro Vs Blackpool (Away) 2-1

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I know many are worried about getting injuries on this pitch but ive played on pitches like this all my life as im sure have loads on here aand not got injuries due to the pitch


Haha so true! If we're so worried about this bloody pitch we should put out a team of Sunday league players from Boro forums

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@OptaJoe - 89 - @Boro have restricted their opponents to fewer shots on target than any other team in the @SkyBetChamp Repelling.


@OptaJoe - 152 - @BlackpoolFC have allowed their opponents more shots on target against them than any other team in the @SkyBetChamp Rollercoaster.

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    • Should know by now not to take warnocks media stance on anything as any kind of indication!
    • I'm not really sure why we would be happy to sell McNair for 5 seen as that's around what we paid Sunderland for to sign him in the first place. I'd say he's certainly worth closer to £10 million than 5.
    • I'd be shocked given Warnock's stance on him that McNair would be sacrificed for anything below £8m.
    • Surprised people are rating Paddy at 5m. I would not be selling him for any les than a 8 figure sum. I look at someone like Josh Brownhill at Burnley who done well since he stepped up but was he any better at this level for Bristol City than Paddy has been for us. I dont think so. And Burnley paid £9m.   Paddy is a versatile player which is a more welcome than ever given teams like to play various formations. Think we under selling Paddy at £5m myself.   my figures are probs best reflected by @Mr_Maz. Paddy: £10m Fry: £15m+ Tav: £15m+ Spence: £4m+
    • Yeah I’ve said a few times this year that if we have to generate funds the. McNair should be the player to go. It’s really out of him, Fry and Tav that would generate significant sums. As others have mentioned, he’s done decent at CB but at the same time, probably very replaceable. He’s then average in midfield. my only concern is that if we are challenging for playoffs next year, we need quality and strength in depth. Imo that’s one of the reasons we’ve struggled this year. 

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