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Boro Vs Blackpool (Away) 2-1

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I know many are worried about getting injuries on this pitch but ive played on pitches like this all my life as im sure have loads on here aand not got injuries due to the pitch


Haha so true! If we're so worried about this bloody pitch we should put out a team of Sunday league players from Boro forums

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@OptaJoe - 89 - @Boro have restricted their opponents to fewer shots on target than any other team in the @SkyBetChamp Repelling.


@OptaJoe - 152 - @BlackpoolFC have allowed their opponents more shots on target against them than any other team in the @SkyBetChamp Rollercoaster.

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    • You'd have to kick out Wrexham, Newport and Merthyr too. I doubt they'd want it though, the drop in finances would be absolutely massive. I wouldn't want them to leave either, I like them being in the same league system as English clubs. If I could reform the leagues from scratch, I'd love a full British league, but far too much time has passed and history been created for it to be workable now.
    • I couldn't remember how to spell Stuani's first name, or Braithwaite. Also a couple of others I struggled with. ☹️  
    • But obviously there's nothing preventing a team from another country competing in a league, there are loads of examples of it even outside of the English leagues. Canadian teams play in the American league. Berwick Rangers play in the Scottish leagues. Derry play in the Republic of Ireland's league. Vaduz plays in the Swiss league. Monaco plays in the French league. Andorra's biggest club plays in the Spanish league. Etc etc.  
    • Thats kind of what I was getting at with my last paragraph. It would be a huge upheaval to an existing system...therefore unlikely to happen. You did just given me another thought though. How about we kick Swansea and Cardiff out of the EFL and make them play in the LoW? Then it would be like the SPL with those two clubs always fighting for the silverware. Wonder what their fans would think of that? 😁
    • Hmm...even the packaging was a lot better back then. Loved the old Western look.

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