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Boro Vs Blackpool (Away) 2-1

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Guest Changing Times

We have now :)

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Don't like that change




Can I say a big, genuine thank you for putting the Twitch up almost every game this season, it has made so much difference to the way I follow the Boro when I can't get there.


You're an absolute star!


Oh and we're top of the league! Get In!!!

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    • It's serious foul play. If a player endagers the safety of another via his actions, whether it was intentional or not, its a red card. There's nothing more to it really. It is quite cut and dried.
    • He does but it's probably been put in the refs report as been seen as not endangering anyone as ridiculous as that is. The rules are dumb and we can have a whinge about it but this outcome really isn't surprising and I would have actually been more shocked to see something come of it. May as well just move on at this point and try to use it like mourinho would - they're all against us, let's show them what we can do kind of thing.
    • I will apply this to all of your future posts Regards
    • I think we were in for Alex Mowatt in the summer so I wonder if we will make a bid? Would be an upgrade on Lewis Wing and probably compete with Saville for a starting spot
    • Doesn’t really add up though does it? Gibson puts in what ever money he wants to (up to FFP limits of course). Let’s say it’s £5m a year. If you find an external sponsor that adds another amount into clubs income, say £1m a year. So we get £6m in total. . If .Bulkhaul sponsors the club, it’s Gibsons money, so part of the £5m total that he’s willing to put in.  Add to that the fact that he only owns 75[?]% of Bulkhaul, so would need to get partner to agree, plus league would likely crawl over Bulkhaul sponsorship as it is not a company selling to consumers, so the advertising would not really help its business.
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