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Boro V AFC Bournemouth (A) 0-3

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Bit suprised that people are calling for Tomlin & reach to come off, neither have been too bad and Tomlin has made some nice passes. If anyone comes off it has to be kalas for omeruo.


And knock the confidence of our best defender if Ayala gets injuried and Woody tried/injuried going into the run of fixtures that could be the club's most important for the last 8 years? Never.


Karanka showed he wasn't scared to do a similar thing when he took off omeruo at half time a while ago. His confidence will have already been knocked. And, based on today, I disagree that he is better than Gibson or omeruo anyway. Also, I'm not have saying I would have done it, just I would do it sooner than take tomlin or reach off.

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Guest Changing Times

Come on now, lads, someone take this game by the scruff and have a real go. And soon before it goes too far out of reach.


We don't really do that.  Think back to the games away from home against most of these sides and either we aren't capable of it or we just don't try to - Ipswich, Wolves, Brentford, even Derby really.  We just aren't that type of side.

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