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Are you still getting log on problems or have they gone away now?

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Do you sometimes get a message telling you that you have been  banned when you try to log on to oneBoro?


Does it ever happen on your PC?


Does it happen when you use your mobile?


If so, please post here and mention your ISP or telco.


In addition, please give the problem a 1..10 rating for nuisance value, where 1 is "rarely a problem" and 10 is "a right pain in the proverbial".

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What mobile networks are you on guys?


It maybe that we have a large number of o2 users and there is a series of o2 IP addresses banned!


For my part - PC never!


Mobile - o2 - iPhone 6 - occasionally but resetting data connection normally fixes it.


A 3 on Bugs rating system for both annoyance and regularity.

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