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Boro vs Fulham (A) 3-4

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Oops, there's nothing much else to say about that match, that hasn't already been said.


Apart from; if only Lee Tomlin had taken him out on the half way line, a red card would have been worth a point.


That made me smile BWS and please do not think my comment was aimed at you as an individual, it was a generalisation that's all but will apologise if it came out the wrong way.


Have tried to do a lot for the forum recently in terms of for the members benefit and individual members support and perhaps I took this latest moderation moan a bit too personally :-/  


You are the ref here ds. People always moan at the ref. maybe you need more technology ?

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That goal could have been avoided so many ways, bad cross, albert then whacked it straight back in again, from the rebound and the direction of the rotation of the earth, Tomlin was unbalanced - yet - Dimi actually made it back to the goal and had he been there right from the start it's hard to see how Ross Mc wouldn't have rounded him anyway.


Like VB says, we win and lose as a team, no-one to blame for that one, onwards and upwards!




Yeh this didnt dawn on me at the time but by the time mckormack got to the goal dimi was there. So does it matter where he started

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I actually (kind of) enjoyed watching the highlights because it gave a really good account of us drawing level, and all 3 goals (especially Reach's) were corkers. It showed what a great team we can be when we're up against it. (Granted we shouldn't have been up against it but to be fair to Fulham, as fans perhaps we shouldn't have taken this game for granted - I know I thought we'd have our noses well in front come half time, but they do have dangerous players). The end was a huge gamble, no doubt, and it was really painful to see (again), but it's been and gone. In a messed up way, I found the game entertaining while I was there - but then I was half cut...


Edit: ok 'enjoy' was definately the wrong word.

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Link here too.....


I'm actually glad that Dimi didn't do that now, as today's 0-0 would have been even more depressing!

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    • If it's true, I'd ask everyone what I've said before; is the £20m we receive from Fry alone going to solve our problems? A question for the club is how much is just to keep us going and not to actually begin moving the club as a whole in the other direction? Is a big transfer fee on its own good for us or is it just going to be burnt on other players' wages? Would accepting a lower fee on a player like Britt, Saville, Shotton or otherwise be better for the finances as they actually reduce our wage bill by a significant amount? Also bear in mind that Fry represents everything that's potentially good about the way we move forward, bringing in high potential youngsters, giving them first team football and building a side around them. He's one of those that has already shown in probably the most significant way (vs. other young players) what he's capable of at this level. At such an early stage of the transition process, I'd ask if there is significant value right now for us to let a player go for a good value. I'm not convinced. The wage bill will still be high from players who don't represent what we are now trying to achieve so we'll still have a problem without removing them from the squad. Recent history has also taught me not to trust the club to spend any significant amount of money well. We have a good player right now in Fry, bringing in £20m on its own does not represent a good decision, it's what we do with that money that will ultimately represent whether or not a deal of that ilk would be good for us.
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    • I couldn't watch the game (sounds like I was lucky with that). Just watched the highlights and it looked like a fair result. We created one and half chance the entire game and thats just not good enough. Awful. Briliant header by Fletcher though 🙂 
    • Yeah I agree with that, he's absolutely miles away from that level. I think Fry has looked good in the Championship but I don't think he's set the world alight either.  If I was a Premier league scout I'd be happy to buy him but I'd ideally want to see him develop at Championship level on loan for another couple of seasons.   
    • what a doyle, I posted week 8 and 9 but forgot week 7   deserve to be bottom for that alone
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