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See this thread's opening post: just announce your squad's name in here and I'll PM you the code.


Dynamo Kev seems like a good tea name  :D


Not as good as Earl Grey though Kev, ey?


i prefer yorkshire team myself. stupid key pad.  :P

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    • Agreed, finishing was off but got into good positions and made a few chances himself. Excellent workrate too, just looked like one of those where he was too desperate to make an impact and snatched at those chances. Balogun looked silky smooth when he came on so wouldn't cry if he started either to be fair.
    • Is Wilders press conference today please or over weekend given we play Monday night?
    • I agree that there is no chance that we would have got promoted that season even if we had finished 6th.    But having read the EFL statement it looks as though it’s not Gibson that is causing the problem so why is everyone getting so carried away with Gibson Rambo comments and the like? Surely this is now a matter between the EFL and Derby. 
    • No point having rules and laws if they are not enforced. If you break a law then you got to accept the punishment that comes with it imo. Sometimes its harsher than you think is necessary, but the aim of the punishment is two fold, punish the wicked, deter those who would follow. If Derby get away with this then what’s to stop the other clubs doing the same thing. Get a tax bill for £28m which you have already spent on improving your squad or owners have banked secretly in some country you don’t really hear about. Decide Nah I’m not paying, go into administration at a time of your choosing so the points damage can be worked off easily, get 75% of your other debts written off, and off you go.
    • In my eyes it’s an American slang that translates to a person that I can’t construct a decent argument. 

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