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For ease, my team is Snowblind FC


I've gone 4-3-3 for the opening games:


GK - Mandanda


DF - Bellerin

DF - Bertrand

DF - Walker

DF - Baines


MD - Ozil

MD - Payet

MD - de Roon


ST - Ibrahimovic

ST - Negredo

ST - Aguero ©



GK - Valdes

DF - Tarkowski

MD - Højbjerg

MD - Kirchoff

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just a thought,  would a    Hints and Tips  sub folder/thread be a help to this for those not used to the FPL systematics.

people could give some helpful tips for problems they themselves have encountered,  



that is..........unless theyre uber competitive like :) :) :)

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This is from this time last year:

For members who have never managed a fantasy football team before, here are some pointers that might help you to pick your squad:

  • Spending money on attacking players tends to pay off better than spending on defenders.
  • Forget about building a properly balanced team. If the season produces 5 likely-looking right wing-backs then it's okay to have them all in your squad with nary a CB or LB in sight.
  • Although the BPL competition has 15-man squads, bear in mind that you'll only be playing 11 of them so concentrate your spending there and try to recruit your squad fillers on the cheap.
  • Experienced managers tend to adopt attacking formations with only 3 at the back.
  • Player values change in response to what happens in the transfer market and it's likely that two or three players will gain £1m in value by Christmas.
  • Respond quickly to actual events on the field. If United's Depay is deployed centrally and plays a blinder on the opening day, his £8.5m price-tag won't stay there for long.
  • In addition to the high-profile recruits who hit the ground running each season, watch out also for the usual crop of super-value players in the promoted sides.

These are just my own tactics and preferences, of course, and other managers will want to approach things differently, no doubt.


Hang on to your three special cards until you have a really good reason for playing one. They were introduced last season and I suspect that many of us could have used them better. Late on last season I racked up 140 points one week and I still had another 40 points on the bench but I had played my Bench Boost card earlier in the season.

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