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Here are some hints and tips to help you to get the most out of the site. They're not in any order and I'll add to them if people post further questions and suggestions.

  • As misterweed has just discovered, your playing formation changes automatically as you move your players between bench and pitch using either drag and drop or the little buttuns situated beside the player cards.
  • Clicking on a player card allows you, a*** other things, to appoint your captain and vice-captain. Your captain scores double points.
  • If it turns out that your captain doesn't play for whatever reason then your vice-captain gets promoted. In the unlikely event that your vice doesn't play either, you will miss out on the captain's double points that week.
  • Transfers are free right up until 11.30am on the first day of the season. After that you get one free transfer per round. If you don't use it, it carries forward to the next round so that you have two free transfers in hand. Two is the maximum, though, no matter how many rounds you go without making any transfers.
  • You can still make as many transfers as you like whenever you like, although each transfer you make beyond your free quota incurs a four point penalty.
  • Use drag and drop to sort your subs into the order you want.

And now I'm off to check that the rules haven't changed. :)

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See second bullet, two posts above yours. You have to save your team to preserve your selections.


Brilliant Bugs, got it, final question, how do you prioritise the subs?


Click on a sub card and drag and drop it on top of another one. The left-most card has priority, subject to maintaining the required minimum of three defenders on the pitch.

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    • As long as the people who were upset with the comments were similarly upset with anti English comments we've had from some of our Irish members then I actually don't have an issue with them complaining.  But I'd bet all the money I have that not one of those people complained when it was going in that direction.  That's the crux of it to me, the offensive behaviour only goes one way, and the mods have never stepped in previously to do a thing about it, whatever is now being claimed.  They decided to step in this time though, and I'm certain that it was because it was me.  As it was pointed out to me privately some time ago, lots of people are just waiting for me to slip up and cross the line, and unfortunately, some of those people are mods 🤷‍♂️
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    • Take your tin foil hat off CT. If people report stuff it gets handled, which is what happened with your posts. We're not omnipotent and can miss stuff.
    • QPR, Hudders, WBA, Forest all win... If Monday wasn't big enough! 
    • Then as long as those people complain about everyone behaving in a particular way it's fine I suppose, although I bit of a shame in my view.  However, that isn't happening, is it?  And you know it isn't as does everyone else on here.  Some things clearly get ignored, some things don't. I don't think the apologies exist mate, I think it's convenient to say that as a reason why certain people haven't had so much as a warning about their conduct in the past, let alone an account suspension.  

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